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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris AT 400 ION Swivel Regulator Black.

ron asked What is the difference between the Oceanic delta 4.1 w/ fdx10 vs the Aeris ion w/ AT 400?

Aeris AT 400 ION Swivel Regulator Black

Aeris AT 400 ION Swivel Regulator Black

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Robbie K.
I'm on the fence here. I looking for some direction between two regulators. which is better and why? between the Oceanic delta 4.1 w/ fdx10 or the Aeris ion w/ AT 400.....what say you?
Hello Ron.
I see you're looking at comparing regulators?
The Oceanic and the Aeris?
yeah arnt oceanic and aeris kinda the same co.
Please give me a minute to pull them up for us.
well the prive is about the same retail differs about 50 bucks. but what about performance
Ok. Think I have the ones you were looking at. They should be to the right of your screen now.
thats it
what wisdom do you have on these beauties
Oceanic Delta 4.1 FDX10 Diaphragm Regulator, Black
Aeris AT 400 ION Swivel Regulator Black
Honestly, not much difference between the two. I like the Aeris at it has the Swivel which is like mine.
Easy on the mouth and no tired jaws or pulling during the dive.
Both offer Nitrox, up to 40 percent.
Do you dive Nitrox?
I can but not often.
OK. Just want to make sure.
any other useful info?
Both have the same ports.
4 LP and 2 HP.
I read a scuba lab review on the Oceanic and the FDX got great reviews
not much on the Aeris. What year did these come out in?
It has gotten great reviews. The Aeris has also. They stack up almost identical with regard to specs.
No sir, just the Aeris. One second and I'll get the date on the Oceanic.
which would you choose and why?
I can't find the exact date, but the 4.2 was released this year. And it appears that the 4.1 was either 2010 or 2011
I would still go with the Aeris. Again, they match up identically but I really like the swivel feature that doesn't pull or cause me to bite down.
I also have friends who have the Aeris who really like it.
I checked with my colleagues here and nobody dives with an Oceanic, but they did confirm the same positive reviews that you indicated.
Is there anything else I can answer for you?
alright Robbie thanks im going to do some more investigating. thanks
It was my pleasure.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.