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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi Edy II Computer & Edy PC Interface.

visitor asked What is the difference between the Mares Nemo vs Aeris?

Cressi Edy II Computer & Edy PC Interface

Cressi Edy II Computer & Edy PC Interface

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Leisure Pro Needler
Carol J.
Marianne Prignano
Carol...I'm looking for a new computer
Hi Marianne! So your interested in a new computer?
hi- yes I sure am
How many dives do you have?
I have been using my brother's old one and want one of the new wrist computers I think
Mares makes a great computer, actually I dive a Mares Nemo
Do you have a SPG or are you interesed in an air integrated?
how much is that one you sent?
It is listed for 449.95
LeisurePro has many different models available.
hmm...I was looking at the Aeris A100 wrist computer
what does the mares nemo have that the aeris doesn't? I just like the price a little better :-)
the Aeris computer has Aeris A100 Wrist Computer
Powered by Dual Algorithm
Air or Single Nitrox Mix to 50% O2
Safety Stop Countdown Timer
Water and/or Manual Activation
Single Button Access to "Last Dive" Display (max depth & bottom time)
12 Dive On-Unit L
Did you have a price range
I wanted to stay around $300
can I upload info from both of these watches to my PC?
Most dive computer will upload to your PC but it takes a special connector
does LP sell that too?
Yes they do! LeisurePro has an extensive stock of dive supplies
Mares PC Interface for Nemo Wide, Nemo Air & Puck Computers (USB)
is that connector pretty versatile?
because I'd want it to go with the cheaper computer I get now, and a top of the line one I get later...
It does require a Pentium processor or higher, Microsoft Windows 98 or higer
This interface is designed to be compatible with the Mares Nemo Wide, Nemo Air and the Puck
Cressi Edy II Computer & Edy PC Interface
Have you considered a Cressi? This computer comes packaged with the interface.
oooh i like that
do you use a wrist computer?
it just seems more convenient, but I'm wondering if there's a reason I SHOULDN'T go for a wrist...
No I don't, I use a Mares Nemo.
It is really personal preference. My husband uses a wrist computer, he finds that it is easier to read.
if I buy it today, is there any way I can get it by the weekend?
I want to take it on my dive on Saturday
Overnight or 2nd Day orders for in-stock items placed on business days before 3:00 PM ET (Eastern Time) are generally shipped the same day (subject to verification).Weekend orders placed on Fridays after 10:00 AM ET ship on the following Monday.
All other
perfect! It would be ordered before 10am ET on Friday so I'd get it Saturday morning
thank you
LeisurePro primarily shipps with UPS and offers Ground, 3 day, 2 day and next day options. I
Your welcome and happy diving!
ok Carol
nicely done
a little feedback
I really liked your use of the tray and white board right off the bat- you were quick to add products to both as soon as you or I mentioned them--
which is perfect
Thanks!! I'm having trouble finding what I want in the search engine
remember the search feature in the product catalog is very touchy
so the fewer key words the better
I'll remember that
also, you did an OK job asking questions, but could stand to ask a few more before making product recommendations
proactive questions is one of the keys to helping a customer find exactly what they want
good feedback
you'll notice the scoreboard on top of the chat keeps track- and you're at 3
the default goal is 6, that is configureable based on how chats go
meaning we can adjust that- but right now the goal is 6 per conversation
also, great job using the FAQ
right now there may be overlap between the FAQ and canned answers
try sending me a canned answer to see how it works
(800) 637-6880
so you'll notice you can't edit the answer at all
so before or after you use one, say something personal so it doesn't sound like a robot
not that you did that, but just a tip whenever you use a canned answer
good idea!
"here Carol, let me send you the customer service hours..."
other than that, you did great!! the best thing was you didn't say "anything else I can help you with?" that is the kiss of death! we never want to say anything like that
it immediately ends the chat
That would be bad! Question-I saw that you were looking at cameras. Would it have been creepy for me to ask a question about that?
one last thing-- don't be afraid to ask for the sale. we'll have more sales training coming, but once the customer is done asking questions/ they seem sold on a product, we want to close them on it
no not at all- just be careful how you word it
"anything else I can help you with-- fins? a mask? cameras?"
and one thing that isn't creepy, is a lot of times a customer will start a chat by asking about the product they are currently looking at
and they'll expect you to know what that is
and you do because it's in the yellow rectangle above the chat, and its the last green rectangle in the dialogue box before they start the chat
so you can start the convo with a mutual understanding of what product they're talking about, without having to ask
good question
so you passed!!
you will be awesome
the schedule will be up tomorrow night once all certifications are finished
and we launch Monday at 1pm MDT
ok thanks!!! I'll be looking for the schedule.
great- have a good night!
You too!!