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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi 3.5 mm Tecnica Spear-Fishing Suit 2X-Large.

Ryan asked What is the difference between the cressi geronimo 2 and cressi comanche?

Cressi 3.5 mm Tecnica Spear-Fishing Suit 2X-Large

Cressi 3.5 mm Tecnica Spear-Fishing Suit 2X-Large

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Steve S.
Hi, how can I help you today?
Hi! How are you today?
hey im looking at getting a speargun was wondering what the difference is between the cressi geronimo 2 and cressi comanche
Great! Can you give me just a moment to pull the 2 up and compare them?
Cressi Comanche Speargun 100cm
yep that the 2 i was looking at
Well it looks like the difference is the materials they are made of.
ok what one would u recommend
The Comanche is made of an anti-corrosion aluminum to avoid bending of the tube
It is also lighter than the Geronimo 2
Reviews are very good one both of them. I would recommend the Comanche only because the features state that the materials it is made of and how some things are made make for better speed and accuracy.
What do you think?
sound good any other gun around that price range u would recommend for a person starting out
Let me take a look
thank you
Your welcome!
JBL Explorer 24 Double Sling Speargun (4D24)
This one is a bit more money, but it is also a fantastic gun!
It is also a double band gun so it has even more power than the single band
u can add a second band to the others can't you?
I don't believe so
and is there any problem posting spearguns to australia?
No. Not that I've heard of
Were you looking to purchase today?
was waiting for a mate who wants to get one as well to save on postage
I understand that!
would u know how long postage would take?
That is to Australia, correct?
LeisurePro uses UPS Worldwide Express for International shipments so you should have it in about 3 business days
ok cool thank you very much you have been a huge help
Your Welcome! Is there any other equipment you are looking at?
there is a lot more stuff but wont be getting it till next year
one last thing the prices i see would that be australian dollar
Yes they should be
Is there anything else I can answer for you?
i think thats about it for now unless u can point out a good wet suit
What temperature water?
umm not to sure only just starting out but not that cold i went in just board shorts the other week
Then a 3mm westuit will probably work
XS Scuba Pyrostretch 3/2 Mens Jumpsuit 2X-Large
This is a good quality suit
It is 3mm in the core and 2 mm on the extremities
It is also made of extra stretch material so it makes it easier to get on and take off as well as it is much more comfortable to wear
ok i had been looking at cressi 3.5mm tecnica
That is also a very nice suit
Cressi 3.5 mm Tecnica Spear-Fishing Suit 2X-Large
That is also a very nice suit!
ok good is the hood attached or can u wear it with out the hood
It is attached.
ok well i think thats it for now but thanks heaps
Sounds good! We are always here to help! Your welcome!
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