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Leisure Pro expert product information on AquaLung Slingshot Open Heel Fins Large/X-Large Silver/Black.

visitor asked What is the difference between the aventis x3 and the oceanic viper?

AquaLung Slingshot Open Heel Fins Large/X-Large Silver/Black

AquaLung Slingshot Open Heel Fins Large/X-Large Silver/Black

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Ben P.
Hi, I'm Ben. How can I help you today?
hi, i have had 2 sets of fins reccomended to me, the aventis x3 and the oceanic viper, any opinion on one over the other
I can help you with that.
what kind of diving are you doing?
well, i'm new to diving, but in the next year i'll be certified scientific diver for my profession
Do you have any issues at all with your knees or ankles?
no, i was competitive swimmer for 15 years so i am very familiar with fins used for strength training
Nice! I used to be the technical support person for the US Swim Team :-)
we might have been at the same meets!
hehe, sorry, back to the task at hand....
They're quite honestly pretty similar fins
they looked pretty similar and one is like 20 bucks less, so i was going for the cheaper one unless there was a significant reason not to
i am also open to other options if you so have an opnion
I would tell you that Mares quality is REALLY good. I've got a pair of Mares fins that are going on 25 years old and still working
Have you seen the Slingshots yet?
I put them in the chat tray for you to look at. They're on an amazing sale right now.
yes, i had a friend who really didn't like them
I think it's kind of love/hate with those.
yeah, he ended cutting the "slingshot"part
wow. Crazy.
ok well, i'm going to go with the mares. thank you for your help
I think that's a great choice. Are you buying tonight?
possibly, i have a couple other things to pick out and it just depends on whether i decide on the other stuff i need tonight
I'd be happy to stick with you while you look, then I can be here in case there are any hiccups in the ordering process.
thanks, but i'm going to look around some more
no problem. Jump back on chat if you have any questions.
ok thanks night