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Leisure Pro expert product information on Sherwood CG9125 Wisdom 2 Dive Computer with Compass and Quick Disconnect.

visitor asked What is the difference between regulator watch and regulator console?

Sherwood CG9125 Wisdom 2 Dive Computer with Compass and Quick Disconnect

Sherwood CG9125 Wisdom 2 Dive Computer with Compass and Quick Disconnect

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Hope M.
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How can I help you?
good thanks! looking to buy a dive computer for my boyfriend... do you know how the watch differsfrom the regulator console? Does the air hose still attach to the watch?
HI, this is a great computer, A hose won't attach to the watch.
how do you know your tank pressure?
It will be wireless and tell you your levels
Ahhhh..... gotcha.
Does he dive with nitrox
and this one is air/nox ready correct?
Yes, this one is air/nitrox
Can I show you one other that is also a gauge for reading the air pressure?
please do... I was kind of looking to spend around $600... do you have any in that price range too?
Ok, let me see what I can find for you in that range it might not be a wireless transmitter setup.
Can you hold on one second?
so the hose would attach to the watch?
Oceanic VT3 Hoseless Wrist Computer & Transmitter with PC Download Kit
No the hose setup will never attach to the watch
So do you see this setup?
This piece attaches to the first stage taking away the need of a hose setup
So it will remove a good deal of bulk in his dive setup.
He won't need to have the pressure gauges
all of the info will go to his computer.
Do you dive also?
nice... that is what he wants... he doesnt like to have things in his hands... and doesnt want more "bulk"
yes, i do. Right now I have a dive computer... its a bit older... but i dont really need the quick disconnect
You can also have a transmitter that he can check on your air.
So he can buddy check you if you want.
The VT3 is a great setup.
and that is available with this model?
let me pull it up for you.
can you hold on one second?
Oceanic Transmitter Only for DataMask, Atom, VT Pro, VT3 and OC1 Computers Black
This transmitter would be connected to your first stage.
His computer would read from it.
hmmm.... cool
For the money and the simple setup I would go for a vt3
I think youre right.:-) thanks for the help!
I like knowing my own info so I would end up spending a bit more and get my own Vt3 down the road.
Will you be purchasing this today?
Not today... but prob by the end of the week... how long is the sale on for?
I don't have any data for how long the sales last.
one other question.... how large is the face?? will it be easy enough to read?
Yes, it is larger the the d6 face
It' also is loud enough to hear underwater
Where do you dive?
perfect! Thanks again! You helped me make my mind up. We are in Buffalo NY but dive all over the great lakes, typically do a few dives to Mexico and carribean a year
Very nice. I love cold water diving.
yep... we did a dive in Lake Superior in Sept... Brrrrrrrrrr..... But great wreck diving
nice, In August I did a dive in Alaska it was great.
WOW... now that would be interesting... Wrecks or underwater features?
more wildlife we had to get out of the water due to the orcas coming in
How fantastic! Never thought of Alaska for diving
Came up to the boat and watched the baby orcas splash around. Alaska has some great Marco dives
a few years ago we did Lake Powell in Utah...its a valley that was flooded when they built a dam. Really neat to see the Hills/remnants of towns underwater
Could you see houses ?
Wow that would be amazing to see.
It was spooky and saw petroglyphs from native americans - many years old
Did you have to go with a guide?
no... we did it on our own... lots of research and we had friends that had dived it before.
nice, I will have to add that one to my list of different dives to do.
Can I help you find anything else today?
No thank you very much! VERY VERY Helpful!!! I was overwhelmed before.
have a good day
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You too Happy diving!
Will do
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