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Leisure Pro expert product information on Casio PRW2500T-7 Pathfinder Titanium Watch.

Robert asked What is the difference between Casio PAW1500-1V Multi-Band 5 Atomic Solar Pathfinder Watch with Resin Band versus Casio PRW2500-1 Pathfinder Watch?

Casio PRW2500T-7 Pathfinder Titanium Watch

Casio PRW2500T-7 Pathfinder Titanium Watch

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Niki M.
Hi - I am interested in your thoughts on Casio PAW1500-1V Multi-Band 5 Atomic Solar Pathfinder Watch with Resin Band versus Casio PRW2500-1 Pathfinder Watch. I am particularly interested in a watch that is good for tides with moon information a plus. Thanks,Bob

Hi Bob, how are you?
Let me pull up the specs on both of those and some reviews.
Doing well. Looking forward to a long weekend sailing. Yourself?
I know that's fun! Looking forward to a long weekend. But got some water stuck last weekend so no diving for me. :-(
Well both watches are the same brand, so concerning brand reliability, they will be comparable.
What are you planning on doing with it?
On the Atomic version, one of the sporting magazines my husband gets reviewed it very well for moon phase.
Simply a quick reference for when I am out on the boat as to where the tide is. Easier than going to an app. I would hope I could have tides for multiple locations.
The tide graph is good, but it does rely on the data that you put in.
The Triple Sensor is rated well, but isn't getting into the moon and tide phase as much.
The Suunto Core is another one, but isn't as well regarded as the Casio Atomic.
Have you ever worn one of these?
The Atomic is self adjusting so you'll always keep accurate time.
I have a Casio Pathfinder triple sensor tough solar...but I would like the additoinal features of tide and moon.
And you find it comfortable to wear?
The solar power feature is very nice and ensures you'll never go without.
One of the reviews I've read on it mentioned that it was the ideal blend of the Pathfinder and the Atomic.
I do find it comfortable. I have several watches including a Rolex, Breitling, TNG Sailmaster MKII, Timex Triathlon with GPS and Heart Monitor, but like this one the best.
Some stunning timepieces! Are you a watch collector or just an enthusiast?
I think that the Atomic will really give you the feature rich piece that you are looking for as some of your pieces already have the majority of the features of the PAG240.
I would say enthusiast...someday maybe a collector...hopefully never a horder
OK so the 1500 over the 2500? Not sure what the PAG240 is
Oh gosh.. I hope not! The PAW 1500 Atomic will really address all of your needs and wants. It has a lot of great features. That's the second, Pathfinder Triple Sensor model.
The additional features of the 2500 will be more extreme and "tough".
Both will do the tide and moon data.
The 2500 is a bit more advanced and rugged.
For the difference of $30, you get a bit more durabilty.
The dual display is really the only major added function in comparing the two.
Correct, the 2500 has the dual display. The only catch - The display is designed for semi-diurnal tides, which is when there are two high tides and two low tides per day. If you use the watch in an area that has diurnal tides, which is when there is only 1
low tide per day, you have to understand that low tide occurs when the display shows the second high tide for the day
I like the feel of the resin band versus the metal, so will probably not go with titanium. The 2500 has the dual display?
OK. Is the 2500 pre-programmed? Or do I put in the information for the various places I will be sailing and the watch takes it from there.
I'm not sure. Let me check on that.
You would need to program for your destinations.
Great. So the 1500 and the 2500 will both let me program multiple destinations, but the 2500 has a dual display and is limited to semi-diurnal tides
Both will allow you the freedom to program destination, but you are correct on the 2500 limitations of tides.
Not at all - it's great to ask questions!
Sorry to keep asking questions, but how many locations can I put in for the tides?
Let me see if I can find that answer.
I have not seen any limitations in the technical specs.
I'm sorry, no one else seems to know that answer either.
OK nteresting that the 1500 is a $400 watch and the 2500 is a $300 watch (pre-discount)
I found that unusual as well.. usually when the model number goes up so does the price.
Thanks for all your help! I will probably make a decision in a few days.
Not a problem.. may I suggest calling the manufacturer to find out about your tides question?
I think they would be better be able to delve into the exact technical specifications on that feature.
Great idea! Thanks again!
You're very welcome. Enjoy your sailing this weekend!