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Leisure Pro expert product information on Princeton Tec, NEW 400 Lumens Shockwave LED Dive Light Black.

visitor asked What is the difference between cannon eLed and the cannon HID light?

Princeton Tec, NEW 400 Lumens Shockwave LED Dive Light Black

Princeton Tec, NEW 400 Lumens Shockwave LED Dive Light Black

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Steve S.
Hi, how can I help you today?
Hi! How are you today?
I am wanting to buy a dive light for a christmas present. I want to know the difference between the 2 light you have for $149
Ok. No problem. Which 2 lights are you looking at?
The light cannon eLed and the light cannon HID
Ok. Can you hold a moment while I look those up?
Thank you!
Underwater Kinetics "Light Cannon" HID Dive Light with Pistol Grip Black
Are these the 2 you are looking at?
they were both $145
I"m sorry $149
The difference between these to is that the eLED light is brighter than the other
is one lighter then the other?
The eLED is 825 Lumens and the HID one is 450 Lumens
They are about the same as they both take 8 C-Cell batteries
if I ordered the eLed, would I get it by christmas?
Were you looking to order it today?
Ok, if you ordered it now, it would be processed and shipped today.
have you used this light?
The free shipping states 7-10 business days, but it is usually quicker than that
I have not used it, but I do have one similar and a friend just got this light.
It is very very bright
I don't dive, but my son free dives and goes lobster diving. Would this work well?
Yes it would. If he is doing any of that at night, he will be able to light up the entire reef and because it is so bright he will scare the fish so much they won't move
Which that is a good thing :-)
ok, thank you Steve. You have been a great help
Your welcome! If you are going to purchase now, please keep this window open as I will be able to confirm your order went through.
one more question. I read some complaints about the light switching off. Is that a regular problem
I don't think so. I have not heard of that problem. There is a warranty on the light, so if that happens we can get him a new one
ok, thanks. I will place my order now
Your welcome!
Great! Please leave this open and I will confirm your order went through and will be able to assist you with any issues you may have during checkout.
why am I being charged for shipping?
Let me check
Where are you shipping it to?
Oh ok. The free shipping is only for the Lower 48. I'm sorry about that!
me too, because I can't afford the added price of shipping
I understand that. What is the shipping cost they are giving you?
Princeton Tec, NEW 400 Lumens Shockwave LED Dive Light Black
If you want to go with a cheaper light to make up for the shipping, this is a great light as well.
The Prince Tec light is the light I personally use and it is super bright!
do you do a lot of night diving?
I do. I just got back from using this light in Key Largo.
I was asked after the dive what light it was because they'd never seen the reef so bright at night :-)
LOL. If it wasn't for the price, which one would you personally recommend?
I would recommend the Princton Tec because I have it myself and I use and love it. But the UK lights are just as good. The eLED is a bit brighter than the Princeton Tec light, but I don't think there is that much difference.
Where does he dive? Does he dive in Hawaii?
yes, he free dives at night for lobster. he goes 70 or 80
ok, so between the moon light on the reefs, plus the Princeton tec light, he will be able to see everything.
And he will still scare the lobster into staying still with this light
LOL. You have been a great help. Let me think about it
I'm glad I could help and I'm sorry about that shipping charge!
no problem, it isn't your fault
happy holidays
I still feel bad especially since you were happy with that one :-)
Happy Holidays to you too!
thank you
Your welcome!