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Leisure Pro expert product information on Liquid Image 4.7 W Waterproof Torch with Wideangle Beam.

visitor asked What is the best underwater camera light?

Liquid Image 4.7 W Waterproof Torch with Wideangle Beam

Liquid Image 4.7 W Waterproof Torch with Wideangle Beam

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Jenna M.
Hello! Welcome to Leisure Pro!
HI! How are you today?
Hi Jenna, need some advice regarding underwater lights...
Sure. What can I help ya with?
I bought a Contour Roam "action" camera and used it in Cozumel last Summer. Great videos except that when diving at more than 50' there is a blueish tint to my video. Probably lack of light. Do you know of an inexpensive underwater light to which I could attach my camera? Wide angle flood light would probably be best. Jacques.
Not really inexpensive... lights are not the cheapest thing in the world
But you can get a good one for $249.95
Thanks Jenna!
What kind of price range are you looking for?
I-Torch Video Pro - Video Focus Dive 650 Lumens LED Light
This one would also be a good choice
Its $299.95
I saw some for about $100 or less on various web sites but not rechargeable.
Liquid Image 4.7 W Waterproof Torch with Wideangle Beam
We've got lights for under 100, but they aren't necessarily video lights or have the ability to be hooked up to a mounting system
This light that I just pulled up is only $69
it has a wide angle beam
not sure about rechargeable or not, I'll look into it
Are you looking for a rechargeable battery?
As cheap as possible, I got South max. once a year at best!
This one would probably do the trick then
It does not have rechargeable batteries, but it takes CR123 Batteries
Do you have a mounting bracket for your camera and light?
No but I'll get one...
If you want to go cheap, that one woudl probably work
Its made to work with a camera helmut, but the bracket should mount to a regular mounting system
Thanks for your time Jenna!
No problem :-)
Are there any other questions I can help you with?