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Leisure Pro expert product information on JBL Explorer 24 Lightning Single Sling Spear Gun (4D24-L).

visitor asked What is the best speargun for fishing in Hawaii?

JBL Explorer 24 Lightning Single Sling Spear Gun (4D24-L)

JBL Explorer 24 Lightning Single Sling Spear Gun (4D24-L)

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Kimberly S.
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Hi. My name is Kim
How can I help you?
Hi Kim, I live in Hawaii and my husband is a beginner diver..
I'm looking for a speargun that would best suit him
how big are the fish that you think he'll catch?
5-12 lbs?
yes, he's starting off with in-shore diving
Do you have a price range for this purchase?
Well since it'll be his first gun I don't want to spend alot so I'm thinking 150 at the most problem
do you want a sling or pneumatic gun?
can you give me just a few moment to go look for something that I think will suit him best?
Sure no problem. I don't know if it matters, but he's 5'11"
great bit of advice. thanks!
Cressi Comanche Speargun 100cm is the Cressi Comanche
it is a very popular speargun
single sling
I suggest getting the 100 cm size as it will allow him to transition into shooting larger fish as he progresses
He's very big on the shooting range.. what is the range?
oh...just a moment please
It will be about 3-5 feet
to increase the distance, he'll have to get a double sling capable gun
Ideally, a reach of 6'-9' feet is preferred
ok.....let me see if I can find a gun that can do that....that's pretty far.
JBL Explorer 24 Double Sling Speargun (4D24)
this has a range of 8-10 feet :-)
I agree it's pretty far, but the divers here in hawaii encouraged him to find a gun with that range..I have no idea why :-)
cool. they would know best! After reading the reviews on this, one of the people mentioned it'd be best to get the gun butt
to help with ease of reloading
I have pulled up that item for you
JBL Pro Amber Sling 9/16" X 24" (14 mm x 610 mm) for JBL6W46, JBL4D46H, JBL4D46, JBL4D49, JBL4D24, JBL4D46T and JBL4D46TC (Long) Spear Guns
Are you planning to purchase this today?
If so, I can look up shipping costs for you and also ensure your order goes through properly
I'm thinking about it...but I'm also being careful because I'm not sure about the exchange/return policy
oh...i can get you that info
We give 60 days for customers to return the merchandise for a full refund and another 60 days (120 days in total) to return for store credit, excluding any shipping charges, No RMA number is required, we provide customer a link to download a Return Merchandise Form which they fill out and include in the return along with a copy of the original invoice.

the free returns doesn't apply to you unfortunately because you live in Hawaii...sorry, about that
It's ok. Thank you very much Kim for your assistance. You have been most helpful. I'm going to read a little more into these items.
If you are interested in getting this gun, please come back into chat and ask for me. It will allow me to make sure everything goes smoothly and I will also appreciate getting credit for assist you :-)
Would you like me to wait here while you read up so I can answer any questions that arise?
That won't be necessary. Thank you though. I'll come back into the chat room and look for :-)
ok. I hope to see you in a little bit. Please do come back if you think of anything
When you are ready, please click End Chat in the upper right :-)