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Leisure Pro expert product information on Spare-Air 3000 3.0 Kit, for Nitrox.

James asked What is the best spare-air type canister for snokeling?

Spare-Air 3000 3.0 Kit, for Nitrox

Spare-Air 3000 3.0 Kit, for Nitrox

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Jenna M.
Hello! Welcome to Leisure Pro!
HI! How are you today?
hi there
What can I do for you?
looking for a spare-air type canister for snokeling
which would you recoomend??
Can I have just a moment to look into this for you?
I think this Spare-Air 3000 3.0 kit would be a good one to use
Why do you need it for snorkeling?
because I want to be able to stay under for more than the 2 mins I can hold my breath
Ok. Have you been trained and informed on how to use it?
I have a padi certification, but don't want to take all that kit with me on a sailing trip
You just scared me a little there. haha
As long as you know how to use it correctly ;-)
would u recommend this one over something with more capaicty though
sry to scare :-)
and nitrox vs regular?
This would be enought to probably allow you to take 2 or 3 breaths
I'd probably do regular air
regular air means diving vest etc etc
which starts to get expensive
with this all I need is my snrokel gear and a
No I meant the regular over Nitrox
they offer this in a Nitrox as well
thx for your help
yes that's what I meant
Sure thing :-)
got distracted lol
which mask/flippers would recommend for a part-time snokeler?
What kind of budget do you have in mind?
also do I need a guage and adapter for it?
For the spare air?
the spare air
Let me check
If you buy the kit it comes with a refill adaptor
ok cool
Spare-Air Screw In Dial Pressure Gauge
You could get a little gauge like this
k, and what about the snokel gear and flashlight?
Just a moment
Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL3 eLED Dive Light Black
If you want a good light, that is budget friendly I'd recommend this one
Its $57.99
I use this as my primary, its really nice
k cool
oh yeah!
better than a dorcy?
I'm not familiar with dorcy
k thx
So onto the snorkel gear
Do you want open heal fins or closed?
I think open
Hollis Tec Package
Here is a whole package
Its a little above your price range
but it comes with boots and a bag on top of the gear you wanted
Which if you get open healed fins, you will more than likely want a pair of boots
right I don't need boots
I see
mayb open healed then?
which is better
I like open heal, because they have straps that can be adjusted
Closed (or full foot pocket) do not have that adjustability
ok, and they work with any boots?
however, open healed fins usually have a larger foot pocket
you like this brand hollis
which would u recommend not as part of kit
Hollis is a great brand
Not part of a kit, just a second :-)
Aqualung Hotshot Open Heel Fins Large/X-Large Blue
k, thx for all your help
These aqualungs are open healed, but made to be worn withOUT boots
sure thing
Do you plan on making a purchase today?
I wish :-) That would make my life so much easier!
But no, unfortunately not :-(
no worries
;-) Are there any other questions I can help you with today?
those fins like v high tech
best for the money?
and which mask/snorkel
The fins are good
and mask snorkel...
let me check
We have the cressi big-eyes which is a big seller right now
Cressi Big Eyes Black Silicone Snorkeling Dive Mask with 100% Dry Snorkel Set
But there are definitely better masks out there
This one would be good for snorkeling and diving though
ok, great
thanks for all your help
Sure thing!
Have a great day!
u too
nice name btw
Thanks :-) I like it
1 last question, do you know of any spare air type product that you can just put in your mouth, james bond style?
Haha, I just got a picture of james bond. haha
Not that I know of
YOu generally have to carry it with you
You could probably get a tiny tank and then a full regulator
Catalina Pony Bottle Tanks, Yellow with Pro Valve 6 Cu.
Something like this
Then hook your reg up to it
ok, thanks for all your help!
No problem
Please remember to exhale on your way up
of course
haha :-)
I can free dive to 100ft anyway
so pretty experienced, but better safe than sry :-)
I hear ya
:-) Happy Holidays!
u too, merry xxxmas!