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Leisure Pro expert product information on Apeks XTX50 Regulator, DIN.

Andrew asked What is the best middle of the road regulator you can get for warm waters and normal depths?

Apeks XTX50 Regulator, DIN

Apeks XTX50 Regulator, DIN

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Kasia W.
Welcome to Leisure Pro. My name is Kasia. How can I assist you today?
Hello, how are you Andrew?
doing well - had some questions about regulators and consoles
What is the best middle of the road reg you can get for warm waters and normal depths - dont want cheap but i dont want to spend more than 500 either
probably want to avoid aeris
May I ask why?
i've just heard bad reviews from fellow divers and if you go with aeris you should just go with oceanic as theya re the same
I own Aeris Ion 600 myself and I'm very happy with it. Let me see what I can suggest
Are you diving mainly in warm water?
do you recommend apeks?
It's a great brand.
Which one are you thinking of?
i only see yall carry 2 of them - i have heard good things about the xtx50
and one called the ds4
Apeks XTX50 Regulator, DIN
I have one regulator I'd like to show you
Sherwood Oasis Regulator,
Sherwood Oasis is made specifically for warm water divers
Currently on sale for $274.95
do you think it is better than the at 400 ion or the xtx50?
Ion will perform great in both warm and cold water
This one is made specifically for warm water, so If you are a warm water diver- it will be a great regulator for you
ok cool - thanks.
We sell many of these
and what are your thoughts on gauges/consoles - i dont really need a computer so i would want a very basic one on a gauge if so
Would you like to go with the same brand as regulator ?
or would any brand be fine?
whatever is best for a good price
I like Aeris gauges:-)
They are compact and easy to read
i have heard they do good comps and gauges. what about oceanic?
It's very similar to Aeris. Owned by the same company.
good stuff
Oftentimes it would be the matter of design. They will have the same features etc
Yes both are great
well thanks for your help!
Aeris Max-Depth Console with Compass
I really like this one
It is small and has a compass
i like it - what about the veo 180
Wrist or console?
It would be a great choice
It is a very good and reliable basic computer
Oceanic "Veo 180" Air/Nitrox Dive Computer SWIV Double Gauge Combo
Do you dive with Nitrox?
It has audible and visual alarms
and backlight
Everything you can need in a basic computer is there
well thanks for your help today!
Sure. Are you thinking of purchasing any of these?
yea i have a package selected and i was just exploring options for the reg and comp
I'm glad I could help!
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have a good one
will do
Have a great weekend!