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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris A1 Octopus Regulator, Yellow.

Martin asked What is the best lighweight BCD for diving in warm waters?

Aeris A1 Octopus Regulator, Yellow

Aeris A1 Octopus Regulator, Yellow

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Jenna M.
Hello! Welcome to Leisure Pro!
HI! how are you today?
Hello! I'm going to be diving in warm waters for about three months in February on. I'm looking for a lightweight BCD to take with me. Any recommendations?
We have a few travel BC's.
Let me pull them up for you :-)
Thank you Jenna :-)
Sure thing.
Here is the first
This is the Aeris EX Lite
I was looking at that one. Do you have any experience with it?
I don't have any experience with the travel BC's
But I do have an Aeris
and I like my Aeris BC
Good build quality and fit? I'm kind of a big guy. 6'3" and 220 lbs
Yeah, they do have good build quality
and good fit
A travel BC won't have the "structure" that a regular BC does though
How so?
This is to cut out on weight and make it easier to pack
They just aren't as structured
they fold easier and are lighter
I can dig that. I'll be traveling a lot
They are great for traveling :-)
This one is going to be your cheapest option
But its still a good quality
Cool. Should I go for a L or XL, you think?
You said 6'3" and 220 lbs right?
Go for an XL
:-) If you purchase it, and decide that you don't like it, we are offering free returns right now for the holidays
So thats a little added incentive
Hehe, great. I'll be in NY between late December and early February. Could I buy it at the NY store you think?
or online only?
For that, I would call the store customer servce
you should be able to, but we keep a lot of items in a warehouse
Would you like their contact info?
No, that's OK, I can find that on the website, no problem :-) I have one more question
Shoot :-)
What can I help with?
It's been a while (june) since I've been diving. We generally go for about 12-15 % of body weight on the weight belts, right?
I believe so, let me double check that
That will be enough to more than enough weight
Also depends on how thick your wetsuit is
I'll be diving without one :-) 80 F + degrees water in Thailand!
just a rash guard
then yeah, 12-15% will probably be more than enough
and this BCD has dumpable and non-dumpable weights, so that's cool
But its better to have more than not enough. You can always take some out
and Yup :-) nice feature
For sure. Awesome. Thanks for your help!
Sure thing :-) are there any other questions I can help you with today?
Any good regulators to recommend in the $250-350 range?
Yeah actually :-)
I've been diving a lot the last few years, but never in the same place so I don't own any equipment unfortunately
Check out that reg
Its on sale for $199.95
Its the first stage and the primary second
So you'd still have to add on a gauge set and an octo
But its a good start
Its about the best you can get for the price
octo is secondary regulator right, for "buddy breathing"?
Aeris A1 Octopus Regulator, Yellow
This one will work
Its $69.95
Aight, cool.
Alright. Thanks for your help, Jenna.
You're very welcome.
Would you like me to find you an gauge set too?
No, that's cool. I will most likely buy second-hand from the shop I'll be working for
Fair enough :-)
Are there any other questions I can help you with?
No, that's all :-) Thanks and have an awesome day!
you too!