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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Hybrid BC with MRS Plus System Medium/Large.

visitor asked What is the best bcd on market?

Mares Hybrid BC with MRS Plus System Medium/Large

Mares Hybrid BC with MRS Plus System Medium/Large

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Ben P.
Hi, I'm Ben. How can I help you today?
im looking at bcd
great.... do you have a specific on in mind yet?
what is the best bcd on market
i want a tech bc but rec also
Tec Rec....I can do you travel a lot?
yes i do but im not consernd with the weight
well, there's one in particular that might be perfect, let me dig that out.
my fav company is zeagle
ZEagle makes nice gear....
but straigt up i want the best hands down dont care if u guys dont sell it i want it
great.....I can help
bear with me, this will take some searching.
are you male or female?
So this is one has a detachable it's super flexible
what is it
Zeagle 911 BCD with Ripcord System, Black Large
i do like that alot ive looked at it
Oh, I forgot to ask if you can see the items I put in the chat tray on the right?
Mares Hybrid BC with MRS Plus System Medium/Large
wich one did u mean the zeagle tech or 911
the hybrid one I was talking about was the Mares Hybrid.
It's the one I have up in the window on the left.
i see it thanks
great. If you need me to post up a link, just say the word. Sometimes browsers (especially Internet Explorer) make our chat act strange.
have u used anthing dive right
I've not personally, but I've heard good reports.
if you're thinking tech diving, really Hollis is the way to go I think.
ok thanks how do scubapro tec compair with zeagle wich one do think is better
I tend not to generalize based on almost have to go by items.
ok cool thanks man have fun in colorado hahaha
thanks! Did I answer your questions?