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Leisure Pro expert product information on JBL Woody 38-Special Spear Gun 43" (109.2 cm) 6W38.

sean asked What is an inexpensive spear gun that is reliable?

JBL Woody 38-Special Spear Gun 43" (109.2 cm) 6W38

JBL Woody 38-Special Spear Gun 43" (109.2 cm) 6W38

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Michael S.
Hi I'm Mike! I'll be your sales consultant today.
Hi! How are you today?
How may I help you?
so im first looking for an inexpensive spear gun that is reliable
Any size preference?
Hi Sean
Im new to this all so i was wondering what you recomend
ill be fishing off shore
East Coast? West Coast?
Large game or small?
west coast baja
so it needs to be a band gun i think
You could go pneumatic, but the bands are best
and mostly small but i would like to be able to shoot some large fish is i see them
any recomendations
Okay. What price range are you thinking?
under 200
and do you need to buy extra spears and tips?
It's not necessary, but I would. Different type tips for different type fish (bottom dwellers, necktonic)
This is just like the one I started with in SoCal. I had the older model the 38 Special. It is a great all around speargun.
I bagged up to a 50 lb Halibut with it!
that is one i was looking at !
how reliable would you say it is?
I'd rely on it!
JBL is a great company. I was really happy with mine.
I added as I went along
ok and does it come with line and what not?
It comes with some line. Enough to get you started. I eventually added a reel and a flashlight to it.
You can also get a shock line eventually...what that does is prevents the spear shock from yanking the gun out of your hands
ok and what about sizes... small vs large
Do you want to get close? Or shoot at a distance?
This is the perfect mid size
a little of both
o does it only come in one size?
JBL makes various sizes from pistol size (awww) to gigantic guns taller than me!
so what would be a good size gun that could still take a larger fish
JBL 42" (107 cm) Elite 38-Special Double Sling #316E Spear Gun (4D38E) Elite
This one would be perfect for anything you'd resonably run into and want to slay!
okay and what about extra spears and tips, i mean do the tips break if they hit a rock and could the spear or shaft bend?
They can. It takes a lot, but it happens. My favorite tip was the breakaway as that didn't pull or tear out of the fish easily
ok is there anything i should know about extra pices and parts because i will be using this in mexico for like a month and i don't want it to break and be unuseable
Ok, are you purchasing today?
or tomorrow
Which gun are you going with?
The JBL Elite #8 Special or the first one?
38 Special
Or the Lightening
what is the difference between the special and the explorer
The 38 Special is larger and more mid ranged (This actually sounds like the one you want) and the Lightening is the first one which is more generic in range
The 38 Special has two bands vs the Lightenings one (more power)
ill probably go with the 38 and only use 1 band but if im in some large fish then use both
If you are going for a month I'd recommend three shafts, Four different tips, a stringer for your catch, and a bag for it all. To be extra careful even get a replacement sling
That's a good idea too
okay and where do i find the shafts and heads and is a sling a band?
Yes the sling is a bang
We have the tips here and I think we have the shafts too
ok thanks for the help with spear guns now on to fins ;-).
why do all the free divers use the really long fins
Helps to propel them with less effort, burning less O2
We have the replacement shafts for the JBL 38 Special
JBL Stainless Steel 28" X 5/16" (710 mm X 8 mm) Shaft for 38 Special Spear Gun
okay how do they compare to a pair of heavy duty stiff fin in performance
JBL Stainless Steel 34" X 5/16" (864 mm X 8 mm) Shaft for Elite Metal 38-Special JBL4D38E Spear Gun
and thanks for pulling up the shaft
The heavy fins are for more travel the large ones are for minimal movement
JBL Woody 38-Special Spear Gun 43" (109.2 cm) 6W38
Here's my old gun!
is the wood better?
I liked it...But it's just preference
ok and you say that the spear tips help keep the fish on so do you recomend these ones that you just put up
Those are called Paralyzers. The multiple barbs immobilize the fish quicker
The tip I am looking for for you is called a detaches from the shaft after it penetrates the fish
ooooo ok
Here they are
I swear by these. These are all I used on a daily basis
Easy to sharpen too
i never really thought about that
Just use a small file
what about gloves that won't rip on spiney fish or what not
These ones are the way to go for that!
or be pierced by a sea urchin
A sea urchin will go through anything...even a shark mesh glove
Just gotta be careful around them
ok but the kevlar are the most durable otherwise?
Oh yes
Used to grab spiney lobsters with them all the time and never got stuck
do they come in 3 mill or will it even matter
They do, and yes it will matter (for thermal purposes)
I use kevlar gloves all the time while commercial diving as they withstand ALL the abuse I put them through (tightening shackles, tools, welding, burning)
sounds good!
now what about a cheep wet suit that is also reliable?
I'd go with a Henderson
are they pretty flexiable?
The most
What thickness are you looking for?
i have to go, but thank you very much!!! (dinner) if you keep this chat open i still have some more questions if you are available in like 30 min!
My pleasure! I'll be on for a while.
thank you very much
You betcha Sean!