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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi S300 BCD Small.

Alex asked What is a good starter BCD?

Cressi S300 BCD Small

Cressi S300 BCD Small

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Paula G
Hi How may I assist you this evening Alex?
Hi. Looking at the Cressi Start Pro BCD
I am a newbie getting my ow cert and want to have my own
what do you think about this choice?
(for the money of course)
That is a great idea.
looks like a solid BCD
what threw me off a bit is that it's marketed as a rental
Its a very good starter BCD. Its weight integrated and Cressi makes a solid BCD
ok I see it's weight integrated
I buy the weights for it separately or does it come with some?
Is this the one you were looking at?
except I went with the large
No you have to buy those separate. Can I show you a couple others for you to think about?
I actually already placed my order, but I could call them tomorrow I guess
The only reason I say that is the though its weight integrated it doesnt have quick release.
Give me just a second to put them on your screen.
Are you familiar with what Im referring to?
I was looking at the review on scubagrearreports
the it says the weight integration is mechanical backed by velcro
quote from them
When it comes to weight ditching, test divers found the Start-Pro s squeeze buckles positioned at a rather awkward angle for grabbing (although with practice this would probably get easier). However, once unbuckled gravity takes over, the fold-down pouches flap open and weights dump.
Yes in an emergency its better to have a quick release handle to drop your weight.
Take a look at this one
Cressi Aquaride Elite BCD with New Lock Aid System Large
See where this one you just pull the weight pocket out and release?
worth 80 bucks I guess not to drown after making it to the surface in OOA situation
Do you like that system better?
I do
does this unit have the air dump valve on the shoulder?
or elsewhere?
I circled it in green
no I mean the big valve for emergency
Do you mean to release air?
like air release valve is stuck or somethign
Let me check but Im sure it does
I'll be right back
3 Pull Dump/Overpressure Relief Valves
So yes it does
yes exactly
that's what I was looking for
so can you help get the BCD on my order changed to the one you suggested?
Have you already made an order?
Can I show you one more before you decide?
Cressi S300 BCD Small
They are closing one out that has a few more bells and whistles.
Its only 40 dollars more.
Do you like this one?
Alex are you still with me?
Alex the system times out if you dont respond back.