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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi Pluma Snorkeling Package.

Nancy asked What is a good snorkeling set for my husband and myself for our upcoming vacation?

Cressi Pluma Snorkeling Package

Cressi Pluma Snorkeling Package

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Hope M.
Welcome to Leisure Pro, how can we help you?
HI how are you doing today?
How may I help you Nancy?
Hi, I am looking for snorkeling sets for my husband and myself for an upcoming vacation and was wondering if you could make a suggestion for me.
Something good qulity etc on the inexpensive side but not the cheapest either
Ok, We sell a good deal of the ExO set.
Women love it for the mask size.
is that a good brand
Yes, it will be a nice brand that will be dependable.
It's attractive is it?
you could go with a choice of colors but it's more the mask size
So I will look at the ExO sets. Are they good for men as well
This Lucent set is also a great set
good mask nice fins and a dry snorkel which will keep the water out.
Let me show you a cressi setup
Cressi is a great scuba brand and this Pluma is a full foot fin which will be nice for snorkeling
Sometimes with the open heel fins people find that the fin rubs on the foot.
oh that's good to know
I would have thought they might be more comfortable
the open heel is comfortable setup we usually match them with a neoprene sock
One thing I want to make sure on the fin - I don't want them to be hard plastic rather a soft rubber
Where will you be snorkeling?
mm we are excited. We have only snorkeled a few times but we love it.
Will you be going from a boat or the shore?
Probably both
ok I would suggest you go with the body glove setups and might pair it with a cheaper boot mexico is said to be rocky.
yes it is
that is a great suggestion
Let me pull up a boot for you
can you recommend also a vest
yes i can
For a simple boot I like these hendersons
OK - on the boots - are the sizes men's or womans?
They are sized for men usually what size foot are you?
I'm a 9.5
ok Let me check on the size for you
What size shoe is your husband?
he is a 7.5
you will need a size 8 for a boot
an 8 for me and 7.5 for him?
I am not showing a 8 with that size
let me show you another boot
8 must be popular because that one doesn't have it either. haha
I jsut saw that
Found one
Does your husband have a wider foot?
no - I do though
Question about the boot
ok I would go with a 8 for him as well
Ask away
then maybe size up on your boot
ok - size up for me.
yes so it is more comfy
for the fin you mentioned that the open heel were good for wearing the boots.
If it were you and you were going to Mexico - what would you go with open or closed heel?
No matter what the boots are necessary
Is what it sounds like
yes, So picture it this way your going in and out of a boat where you have to take your fins on and off in the water. If there is any waves snaps will be your friend compared to trying to pull on and off the fin.
WIth a full foot fin you will not be able to have a boot and can slip on and off. Typically boats only like to have open foot fins
Easier to deal with in not so pretty conditions.
I don't like selling full foot fins typically unless you only snorkel off of white sand perfection.
with this said, do the fins need to be larger size to accomodate the boot?
no typically the boot fits the fin hand in hand
OK - Hope you have been so much help to me.
You are welcome
Is there anything else you can suggest we "must" have. I am making a list/link of things for our sons to get us for Christmas
So you have a vest, snorkel package, boots, do you have rash guards?
some de fog?
rash guards - OMG what is that for?
de fog - that is a good idea
Wait 'til they see the list. They are going to think I know what I'm doing. :-)
Rash guards let me pull one up
great! Thank you!
A lycra suit is good to keep you warm and aso keep the sun off of you
A rash guard is just going to be the top
oh... I see.. good to know
It's good for staying out of the sun
haha - Our friends that we are going with would be shocked if we came with all this gear.
impressed you mean...
Yes impressed
ha - Ok - I think I'm all set. I will review everything and then make my wish list. :-)
Do you know if there are any coupon codes available?
Sounds great
I don't know of any at the moment. We do have free shipping going
Oh that's good. That's a big benefit then.
Yes and they are shipping out boxes same day if your order is placed before 7pm
great! - Thanks again Hope and have a nice rest of your day.
You also have a great trip.
Thank you - bye
good day