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Leisure Pro expert product information on Genesis CG5336 200ft. In-Line Console.

visitor asked What do you have for an inline 3 gauge console?

Genesis CG5336 200ft. In-Line Console

Genesis CG5336 200ft. In-Line Console

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Paula G
Hi, how can I help you today?
Hi How may I assist you this evening?
Hi....I have a suunto sm-16 max depth gauge that has failed and want to replace it.....what do you have for an inline 3 gauge console??? prices
Did you want just gauges or a computer?
I only need to replace the defective gauge.....or can it be fixed??
Im not sure it would be worth fixing for the price of a new one.
Do you see the one I put on the screen for you?
ok, that is what I figured. So, how much for a new gauge and shipping???
Or did you want and Suunto?
I have a n inline, 3 gauge console.....and I want to replace only the broken gauge at this time!
let me do some checking for you ok
ok, great!! I have a dive shop south of me to install but he can't get this brand!
Do you know what diameter is?
I hate to ask but we dont have a suunto brand I was looking to see if there is another other one that will fit.
oh dang....that is the make that I need to replace...and was told that other brands won't fit in this console!
Im still looking
thanks, Paula G!
Im checking other sites to see if we can find one for you.
Is this the one your looking for?
Is that the correct size?
Are you still with me?
Was that the correct depth gauge?