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wilbert asked What dive computer with air and nitrox would you recommend?

Mares Puck Wrist Computer

Mares Puck Wrist Computer

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Sam P.
I am a new diver and looking fo an inexpensive dive computer that is esy to use with airand nitrox do you have an suggestions
Hello! How are you doing today Wilbert!
doing well sam
That is great to hear! Congratulations on becoming a diver! You must be excited.
I can see that you are looking at a computer that can be used for Nitrox and Air. Is that correct?
yes I am, I'm also considering nitrox certification when i get AOW certified so i want to be ready for that
That is a great combo - I try to get all my students to to Nitrox when they do AOW. It is a great certification to have.
Do you have a price range in mind for your computer?
I don't wan tot go broke. It was suggested to purchase a good dive computer and rent the other equipment since I won't be diving that frequently. looking for be low $500
Ok - I can work with that. I actually have an idea for you.
We have a package that is a great starter package that has a regulator and a computer together and it is just under $500.
I actually have the computer that is included in this package and I really like it. It hasn't given me any trouble and it is very easy to use and understand.
Oceanic "Get Wet Now" Package
I'm looking for a wrist computer. sorry i did not communicate that
No worries at all! :-) I didn't ask either so it was my fault.
Let me pull a few computers for you.
Can you give me just one moment?
Oceanic GEO 2.0 Wrist Computer Blue
Here is another Oceanic computer. I really like the Oceanic brand personally. They are a great and reliable company.
Like I said, I have an Oceanic and I have been very happy with it.
They are not super conservative like other computers :-)
They are easy to read and very easy to use, which again, I really like :-)
what do you mean by super conservative?
When a computer is less conservative it gives you more bottom time.
Mares Puck Wrist Computer
Your no decompression limit is longer
is that in referenced to dive planning
Yes. You will see a difference in multiple dives and deeper dives it gives you more time before hitting your decompression time.
Computeres can vary in how conservative they are - some you can actually set to be more or less conservative.
Overall this computer is a great computer.
the less conservative the better? also, will it state in the spec its level of conservation?
I prefer it to be less conservative because I like to stay down as long as possible.
i am not sure it will say it in the specs, I just know that because I have been diving with people who have the same profile as me but a different computer and their deco limit was shorter. It is just learning brands I think.
This computer you can actually set conservation settings - I just checked that out for you.
So if you would like to dive on the more conservative side, you are able to set that.
This computer also has great reviews :-)
same, thank you for your assistane, I will look at the Oceanic GEO and start from there
You are most welcome ! Please let us know if you need any additional assistance. Thank you for shopping at Leisure Pro! :-)