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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Hybrid BCD With MRS Plus.

christophe asked What can you tell me about Mares Hybrid BCD?

Mares Hybrid BCD With MRS Plus

Mares Hybrid BCD With MRS Plus

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Leisure Pro Needler
Niki M.
anything else you can tell me about Mares Hybrid BCD?
hi niki
Hi Christopher! How are you tonight?
at work lol
Of course, be happy to help you.
What features are you interested in learning about?
i jst got certified and want to purchase my first bcd i used the Mare during cert
It's very compact.
good or bad?
I think that's great.
inflate whole thing not just vack?
It's very low profile so easy to pack. Plus, it's got a new design to more evenly distribute the weight.
You are correct.
It has rear inflation, flanks the tank and has front inflation that comes up to under the arms.
Do you know which Mares you certified in?
I tried this one a few months ago as a rental over in the Dominican.
I loved how many pockets and D-rings it had so I could clip on all my gear.
Found it very, very easy to get neutral in.
Plus, it has the signature Mares MRS integrated weight system - which is awesome!
I dive regularly with the Mares Kaila and wouldn't trade it for almost any other.
I had to dump weight at one point and it was easy to unclip and hand up to the boat.
Do you use a lot of integrated weight?
Are you planning on a lot of dive travel?
If so, it does fold rather compactly.
I live in cocoa bch and plan on dives to Keys
i certified with weight belt and hated it
I am not a fan of the weight belt - this one is integrated and is very, very fluid movement to get the weight in.
You're lucky - you live in a divers paradise!
Do you utilize the pockets in a BC? Or plan to?
The valves on this particular BC are really efficient. The air dump was quick for me.
I like the bigger cargo pockets, but if you use a lot of weight, you'll lose some of that space.
i like the air dump on the right side. i seem to use that jst as much as trigger one
I collect things from the bottom unless it's banned. :-)
i have about 20 lbs weight
This one fit very well. My husband who is 6'2" found it as comfortable as I did and he uses 15-20 lbs of weight depending on the dive. He was able to bring up quite a bit in his pockets.
thanks niki
I would actually recommend this! Mares is a solid brand and this is a good BC.
It's not the priciest one on the market, but frankly, you don't need a lot of the bells and whistles that will come from some of the higher end ones.
Do you need help figuring out a size?
Do you mind my asking your height and weight first?
the cert one seemed to always ride up on me. make sense?
i am 5'10 and right at 200lbs
This one has lower than average trim positioning and I found it comfortable.
What size was that BC?
not sure sorry
Not a problem at all.
trim positioning?
It's where it will hit on your body for functional use. This one sits a bit lower and doesn't ride up in the chest and shoulders.
do some come with crotch strap?
What is your waist size?
I've never seen anyone dive with one with a crotch strap.
You are right on the edge of a medium/large and an extra large.
I personally would go with the extra large.
I'm on the very of a medium and a large and there have been dives where with different weight/equipment the medium has been a struggle for me.
Where I close the waist strap and find that it's really tight or not overlapping enough for me to bend and flex in all the directions I'd like to.
niki, ur awesome
I've always found that when you're on the line of two sizes, the larger is probably a better bet for use. Even though my large is on the bigger side, I"m always confident on my gear and whatever I wear under it that I can do anything.
are there back pockets for weights too?
The way the integrated weight on this one is, it will sit towards the small of your back but isn't a back pocket per se.
It's not going to be sitting on your side but isn't going to be pressed into the small of your back like a weight belt can be.
i saw you have some packages, but didnt see any with this hybrid?
You can actually build your own package and select specific items. Is that something you are interested in?
sugestions for jst starting out?
In order of my preference for having things: Wetsuit, BCD, Mask/Snorkel, Fins and then Reg/Tank.
With you living in Florida, the dive shops are so plentiful that owning a tank probably won't be a priority for you.
thats what was thinkin
For me an excellent fit on a wetsuit and BC are the most important. Those things being ill fitting, along with fins - ruins a dive.
I get focused on how much something is irritating me or hurting or end up searching my equipment and it's not great.
i have those i surf and since FL weather you think my shorty will be fine?
What mm is your shorty?
2/1 body glove
I'll be totally honest with you - other than a trip to Gainesville to Blue Grotto and Devils Den where they MADE me wear a wetsuit, I've comfortably worn only a dive skin in Florida and been comfortable.
Devil's Den is worth the dive.
yeah, i snorkle with board shorts.
what price can you get me on the hybrid? and what if i dont like it?
Though I'd love talk you into a wetsuit - it's not really going to be necessary for the dives you're doing.
The one you are looking at it is used - so it's $349 - which is an awesome price!
My Mares was close to $600, so I'm insanely jealous!
it's a 30 day guarantee on it.
any pics of used one? i am the typeof person that usually buys new
If you buy it, don't like it or it isn't what you thought - send it back, we'll credit you!
and deal on new?
This one is showing as excellent condition.
Mares Hybrid BC with MRS Plus System X-Large
The same model brand new is $599.
dive master's opinion?
I can ask a couple of the other divers who are on if you'd like.
But, I can tell you that I typically buy new unless it's E rated - which means it's excellent and the wear on it is typical of what my brand new gear will look like after I complete 1-2 dives with it.
savings 250 bucks is hard to beat
It really is. The best part though is LeisurePro stands behind their used. If you bought the used, got it and found it wasn't up to your standards, return it and then the new one is still there to purchase.
Candidly, I've purchased used gear and been quite happy with it.
niki, you have been absolutely wonderful. i will sleep on it and make my decision and buy one or the other in the am
Absolutely! Glad I was able to help point you in the right direction. Congratulations on your certification and I hope you enjoy your diving.
sorry if i asked dumb ? for you
Mares Hybrid BCD With MRS Plus
Oh gosh no.. I can't even tell you how many odd questions I was asking when I got started!
Yours are downright normal compared to mine! I was clueless...
And I tended to own the gear and THEN ask questions - the worst!
have a great night and God bless
You too.. have a great night! Happy diving Christopher!