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Leisure Pro expert product information on Bare Blackwing BCD Large/X-Large.

visitor asked What BCD's are similar to the Cressi Black Jac?

Bare Blackwing BCD Large/X-Large

Bare Blackwing BCD Large/X-Large

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Michael S.
Hi I'm Mike! I'll be your sales consultant today.
How may I assist you?
Hey mate just wondering what BCD'saare similar to the Cressi Black Jac
Let me pull that up and we'll see what we come up with
What kind of features are you looking for?
trim weights, weight intergrated, strength, rear inflation, Air 2
What do you think of this one?
Do not like the travel Bcd's they are to light
To the right are a BUNCH of bcd's that are really exceptional
To the bottom are some of the cressi models
ScubaPro Knighthawk BCD with Air 2
This Scubapro has the Air II you like!
Do any of these match what you are looking for?
Scubapro has the air 2 systems
yes thanks gives me something to look at. appreciate your help
Do you have any questions regarding any of these?
not at this stage thanks
Bare Blackwing BCD Large/X-Large
Ok! Is there anything else?