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Leisure Pro expert product information on Oceanic NEO CDX-5 DVT Regulator .

visitor asked What are your best travel regulator and BC?

Oceanic NEO CDX-5 DVT Regulator

Oceanic NEO CDX-5 DVT Regulator

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Leisure Pro Needler
Steve S.
Hi, how can I help you today?
Hi! How are you today?
Hi Steve, I'm J looking for a travel regulator and BC any suggestion. Thank you
Hi J!
Just a couple of questions
On the BC...Jacket or back inflate?
And for the regulator...will you be diving Nitrox?
Last questions would be, do you have a price range I should stay within?
Is a weight integrated BC important? Or do you use a weight belt?
I think I like the jacket, because I had the jacket type before, for regulator, I will dive Nitrox some time,
I just pulled up a Cressi travel BC.
This BC is weight integrated and only weighs 5.5 pounds
It is a fantastic lightweight travel BC.
that sounds great
Oceanic NEO CDX-5 DVT Regulator
This regulator is a nice travel reg.
It is nitrox ready and comes with both the first and second stage.
what is weight of this regulator?
Let me check
It is about 3 pounds
that is good, are you working in Leisure Pro ?
I do not work in the store. I am a consultant/expert for LeisurePro
Ok, Thank you, Steve, I will go to Leisure Pro later today or Sunday and check out the regulator and BC that you have suggest for me, thank you again
Sounds great! Where are you located?
Your welcome!
I live down Manhattan, which only 15 minutes by subway to Leisure Pro on 18 St.
well, thanks and good night
Your welcome! Good night!