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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Package #1.

Javier asked What are your best starter diving equipment packages?

Mares Package #1

Mares Package #1

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Leisure Pro Needler
Ben P.
Hi, I'm Ben. How can I help you today?
Hi Ben
Im looking to buy my first diving equipment
Hi! how are you today?
Great! You've come to the right place.
Im certified diver but without personal gear
I dont have a lot money so theres where I need your help
ok. You're always going to save money on a good package as opposed to buying it separately.
I need recomendatios on great deals on packages
that what im lookig for
great. So what kind of diving will you be doing?
fresh water in lagoons and open sea
40 meters tops
that's the best type of diving
jaja yup
do you have a price range you want to stay within?
If it posible i wish to spend no more than a 1000 bucks...I dont really know if that is i said this will be my fist time buying not renting
I think we can work with that! What do you have already?
Im open to buy like new items or used as well
oh, ok, we have some of that.
Just fins and mask
great. ok, bear with me while I do some searching for you.
oh, are you male or female?
25 years old
while I'm asking, what is your height and weight?
180 pounds and 5.9 height
5.9 feet
are these items new?
These are indeed all new
some of the package prices are so, so good.
would you recomend to buy some used? as a dve master?
I have bought used, but only when I had handled them as part of a demo
we obviously guarantee our gear, but in most cases it's not going to save a ton.
not to mention, I don't think we do used packages...just used items
Cressi Open Water Package
All Oceanic BCD & Regulator Package
oh ok
thats good to know
I love the fact that the Oceanic packages have a computer included in the price. That's a great deal
And, at these prices we could get you a good wetsuit package too and still be under your $1000 level
the wetsuit is not my priority cause this waters are very warm
Im in nicaragua
what about the tank
WE do have tanks....
you can't ship tanks put together because of shipping restrictions. So you'd have to have them inspected down there upon arrival
oh ok
that's industry standard.
I dind knew that
thats cool
yep, I own tanks, but any more I just rent them.
it is safer?
it's nice to have your own, though.
Not sure if it's safer, but I have to drive 4 hours to get to diving, and that way I don't have to lug them around.
yeah that I understand
if you own them, they require annual inspections and hydro testing periodically.
ok..another question
of course!
I dont know anything abour brands and stuff
in the oceanic package
I wouldn't get too wrapped up in brands. Focus on the specific items.
Oceanic has been around since the early 1970's, it's a well established brand. They make great computers.
great... do they have like support shops if something is not working properly?
There is a worldwide network of support, yes, but i'd call us first to figure out how to proceed.
oh thats great
I had a BCD fail on a trip, called in and was told how to fix it on the spot....saved a ton of time :-)
yeah thats cool...i went diving today and some of the equipment was failing
thats why I decided to buy my own
ok, now I'm jealous. We got 6 inches of snow today!!!
jaja we havent had any snow ever here
It's nice having your own gear. It becomes an extension of'll be more comfortable with it.
allways paradise
thats the plan
If you take care of it and service it regularly, it'll last. I've got gear going on 25 years old.
and ben if we bought you for example 6 package can we have a better deal?
couse we are 6 friends lookig for gear
Ahh, so are you asking if you buy 6 of the packages if you'd get a better deal?
or it doesnt work that way?
I'm guessing that if you called our customer service guys about that, they'd probably work something out. That's a big purchase.
I can't adjust amounts or give discounts, otherwise I'd hook you up :-)
yup..I was thinking maybe that can low us the price
thanks bro jaja
I can't say for sure, but I'd bet you would get a deal.
and another question
if i had a budget of 500 ? is there gear in that price?
there might be, let me check.
the whole package
ok ok
So, just a bit over at $524....
we have two that fit right around that bill.
That mares package 1 is actually $524..
Mares Package #1
So did those fit the bill?
yup of course...those are great deals
between both packages which would you recommend? as I said...I dond know much about the brands and quality of the items
I'd point you to the Oceanic package because of all the extra features the computer will give you.
just the data logging alone....your depth, time, etc. It's such a great tool for diving
oh yup..U did correct
well thank you very much Ben u have been very helfull
You're welcome! Enjoy diving, I hope you can get some great gear from us!
kuddos for you
were there any other last questions for me?
actually yes..can I get the customer service number so I can ask to see if i buy the 6 gear would they low me the price
of course! Here it comes, there's a few lines of info.
Mon. - Thus. 9:30am to 6:00pm EST
Fri. 9:00am to 5:00pm EST
Saturday/Sunday we are closed

(800) 637-6880
whare are u located?
For Product Questions:
For Existing Orders:
the store?
Our store is in New York City
I'm in Colorado :-)
lol ready to snowboard
we got several inches of snow's cold!
I'm chatting next to the fireplace :-)
have u ever come to central america?
not yet...I have a friend with a house down there somewhere...some day!
yeah u should get away in winter and come down here... really awesome weather all year long
I need a dive vacation one of these days!
yup.. you should check out Utila in Honduras and Little Corn Island here in Nicaragua
I'll definitely look them up. I get so many good dive tips doing this job :-)
man I really like your job..! I would love to be able to work from anywere with my computer
It's nice....until the internet gets crazy :-)
I can see that issue
well thank you again ben
You're welcome, happy diving!
It was great
Thanks lol
if you have a moment at the end, please rate our chat.
where at?
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all right... you got a perfect 10 my friend
good night
good night!