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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi Aquapro 5 BCD Large.

visitor asked What are the plus and minus of the Mares Puck Air computer console?

Cressi Aquapro 5 BCD Large

Cressi Aquapro 5 BCD Large

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Hope M.
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Mares Puck Air Computer Console
Hi how are you doing today?
How can I help you?
hi, I am a novice diver that is just now starting to purchase my own gear. someone recommended this dive computer. Thoughts as to the plus and minus of this styyle?
This is one of our best sellers
It had great simple features including Nitrox and holds many dives.
Usually as soon as it is in stock it goes out of stock.
is this computer included in any BCD packages?
I could check for you can you hold on one second?
I am not finding it in any packages but It is discounted to 299 today.
ok, what would you see as the disadvantages or short comings of this device?
If I had to say something bad about it, I would say it could hold more dives.
Some of our computers hold 100 dives
It weighs close to nothing, has a backlight, does Nitrox has great alarm sounds.
It's hard to say something bad about this.
Am I correct that this is the only gauge I would need?
Let me check to see if you would need depth and spg.
Just double checking with the team. One more second.
it says it has a depth display and pressure display
but i am just a novice so ....
It does have a gauge mode and looking at it It would show psi and Depth. I just am double checking on if you would need a secondary gaguge
: )
Ok, My team has confirmed that you would not need other Gauges.
Were you looking to purchase this today?
possibly, wanted to look around some but I am definitely in the market
I founds two negatives about it.
People dislike the pc interface pricing and also dislike that it doesn't have a step back feature
If you plan on purchasing this today would you be so kind as to leave the chat window open.
It gives me credit for the sale
can you explain the PC issue and also what is "step back"?
of course
THe pc interface is how you will connect the device to your pc
Mares PC Interface for Nemo Wide, Nemo Air & Puck Computers (USB)
and that costs extra?
it will cost 74.95
yikes, I can see the issue
Now $375
you could see if you can find it used.
and the step back?
THe step back is to do with the one button feature
On some computers you have multi buttons if you skip past what you want to see you can't go back
It's not the end of the world but some people are moving quick in dives and want the step back feature
can you recommend a regulator?
Sure, Can you hold on one second while I pull some up?
what price range were you looking to spend?
mid level, I don't dive a lot but don;t want cheap either
Sherwood Brut Regulator
I happen to believe that this Sherwood Brut is a great thing.
BTW, you are the cheapest for the PC interface according to google
We typically are cheapest in prices, It is the reason why I shop Leisure Pro
What do you think of this Brut?
I Love Sherwood regulators I own the SR1
seems like a reasonable deal
It is well priced and does the job
The guys in the shop talked me into it for my Dad for christmas
maybe I should wait to see what he thinks? lol
The shop guys know that I won't tollerate buying bad gear
scuba diving is expensive enough I don't ever want to buy bad gear.
agree, the payback is pretty long
I have loved this brand
ok, finally, what about a BCD?
What size are you?
XL, 6'4" 240 lbs
ok, What sort of diving do you plan on doing?
Will you be traveling to your dive location?
always, isn;t much good diving in Colorado! lol
Do you want something light and simple or something more heavy duty that will last you for a long time?
LAKE DILLON has a fun dive
I don;t need to see the old town site! too bloody cold for me, would rather slide on water that is that cold
I agree but it's right down the street from breck so I always like to go.
Aeris EX 200 Back Inflation BCD with QLR Weight Pockets, Black Medium
But Breck is Breck
This one won't fit you,
Tusa Platina Evolution BCD, Black (BCJ-3860) Large/X-large
Mares Pegasus BCD with MRS Plus Weight Pockets, Black X-Large
not in stock
Mares Pegasus BCD with MRS Plus Weight Pockets, Black X-Large
I am still looking
Oceanic Excursion BC Black X-Large
I pulled up a jacket style and also a back inflate style
Cressi Aquapro 5 BCD Large
my buddy loves his back, travel style. I have never used one. Disadvantages?
I wear a hollis harness setup for my cold water diving I like the less bulky setup
Are you still with me ?
yes, i am trolling through your website a bit on the computer, but will have to get back to work shortly
ok, have a great day. Take your time looking around.