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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris AT 400 Pro Regulator.

visitor asked What are the major differences between the Aeris AT 400 Pro?

Aeris AT 400 Pro Regulator

Aeris AT 400 Pro Regulator

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Kimberly S.
Welcome to LeisurePro. I'm here to be your personal equipment consultant. Let's get started picking out the perfect gear for you!
I was just talking to Jenna
Unfortunately, she's not here right now
Is there something I can help you with?
I was wondering if you could tell me the major differences between the Aeris AT 400 Pro
sure..I will try my best
and the AT 400 Sport DVT
i am going to go look and i'll be right back :-)
I have an answer for you
the Sport is a downstream deman valve for the 2nd stage
the Pro is a balanced second stage
also, the 2nd stages weigh different amounts
the sport = Diameter 2.67" (6.8 cm) and Weighs 7 oz (198 g)
the pro = Diameter 2.67" (6.8 cm) and Weighs 5.4 oz (153 g)
Do you plan on doing deep dives?
100 feet max
its for my wife
can I make a recommendation of which to get?
of course
I think a balanced second stage is better isnt it?
having a balanced second stage is actually not that big of a deal - some try to play it up like it's amazing but it's honestly a myth
lol i fell for the myth
Aeris AT 400 Pro Regulator
as long as the first stage is balanced or over-balanced, the reg will breath greath
having a balanced second stage is nice but it won't be noticeable above 100 feet
you'd have to get really deep to notice it
Yeh she is just starting
and I hate renting
in my opinion, the price difference isn't worth getting the balanced second stage of the pro
would either of them perform better in the cold?
we live in Vancouver Canada
um...just a cold is the water?
7-12 degrees Celsius
the sport comes with an environmental seal so it should work fine in the cold.
44-55 f
the pro also has the environmental seal
ok so you would recommend the sport dvt?
Are you interested in getting this regulator today?
Ok thanks for all of your help
I have to show my wife first
oh ok
never buy without approval lol
good call!
When you are ready to purchase or if you have any other questions, please come back into the chat feature and ask for me
I will help make sure everything gets answered and that your check-out goes smoothly
ok I will Kimberly
Are there any other questions I can answer for you today?
Could you recommend a simple nitrox compatible computer to go with it?
sure. do you have a price range for that?
I dont want to spend a ton because I am not sure how into it she is at this point
oh ok
She loves it now but she hasen't had to clean her gear yet
do you want a wrist mounted computer or console mounted computer?
i get my husband to help me with that sometimes too
probably console
Aeris XR-1 Computer Console
woops - apparently that is only air
Aeris XR1 NX 2 Gauge Computer Console
there we go
this is the one I meant to post
sorry about that
Ok perfect
Thanks for all of your help
it's pretty basic but will do everything she needs :-)
No problem
yes simple is better
Is there anything else I can answer for you today?
That's all thans again
Sounds good. When you are ready, please click end chat in the upper right. There is a short (2 question) survey and I'd really appreciate your feedback