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Leisure Pro expert product information on Sherwood CG9125 Wisdom 2 Dive Computer with Compass and Quick Disconnect.

visitor asked What are the differences between the AT 400 sport and the At 400 Pro?

Sherwood CG9125 Wisdom 2 Dive Computer with Compass and Quick Disconnect

Sherwood CG9125 Wisdom 2 Dive Computer with Compass and Quick Disconnect

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Paula G
Hi How may I assist you this evening?
Hi, what are the differences between the AT 400 sport and the At 400 Pro
Can you give me just a moment to take a look at them?
Sure, thanks
The pro has the
Pneumatically Balanced Second Stage
Which means no matter the depth you are going to breath with the same effort
What type of diving do you do?
Typically reef dives, but I just moved to Northern California
so need something that will also stand up in colder waters
Would you like me to make a couple suggestions?
No problem let me put a couple on your screen. Would you like me to keep a budget in mind?
Ideally, something under 350, but would be ok spending closer to 500 if it made sense
i picked up the aeris EX Lite Travel BCD today, so would need to work with it
Did you get the holiday special/
Im going to show you one that is on sale. I dive this one all the time and its a very good reg.
Mares MR22 Abyss Regulator (old style)
Yes, I grabed it for the $150
LOL I thought about grabbing one myself.
This regulator was built for colder water.
Question, would you reccomend getting the Aeris airlink to go with it?
What makes this Mares reg better than the Aeris one?
just the cold water ability?
They are an excellent quality regulator for the money and can be used for cold and warm water. That particular model breathes very easily
If you are partial to Aeris I would go with the Pro. You will want the balanced diaphram.
I'm still green with regards to diving. Would you say Mares is a better manufacturer?
I have no real brand preferences
Yes I would say Mares is a better brand
why are both products closeout? Are they being discontinued?
They are like cars the newer models come in and the close out the older ones. There really isnt much difference in them.
let me show you a another one I like.
This one has the dive predive switch and it has a hyper balanced diaphram
You want your regulator to breath the same at 100ft that it does at 10 ft.
Do you like this one better?
Let me ask do you have your BCD and gauges?
They both seem great to me
I just got the travel lite bcd. Haven't bought gauges yet
Are you going to dive your travel BCD all the time?
Well, for now. I don't dive enough to justify having two. More often than not I will travel to dive I think
Is the travel lite a bad choice to use unless going to the tropics?
No no, but if you are going to dive them A LOT it may not be a durable as a regular BCD.
I can't see myself being able to complete more than 10-15 dives a year
Would you like to look at Regulator and Gauge combo packages or are you in the market just for the reg?
Ok then you should be fine with your BCD.
sure, i'd look at both. I was looking at some of your computers earlier to. Perhaps an integrated one makes sense?
Integrated ones are great let me see what I can find for you.
Ok I dont think you would like the regulators that come in the packages. Let me just put one together for you.
Do you like a console computer or a wrist computer?
I've used wrist computes in the past (the Suunto D^), but I am impartial
Mares Puck Air Computer Console
I guess value for the money is my biggest concern with a dive computer. Especially since I am not diving often
This one I have on your screen was my first computer. I still get this one out all the time and I have fancier ones
It does everything you will want it to do.
How long should a computer last you? what are the biggest maintenance issues?
I am Nitrox certified
Is this one just air?
(Noth that I'd be diving Nitrox often at all)
A computer will last you Years. Mine has a 140 dives on it and I replaced the battery once.
There is very little maintenance on computer
This one is nitrox compatible
Ok, great. This one seems very reasonable. What are tha main features you'd say it is missing?
The worst part about this computer is its one button. Once you get used to that and how to move through the screen its not a problem.
It has a log book and I believe it holds like 20 dives
Has a black light and alarms.
Has a planning mode.
The mares Abyss and the puck make a great combo.
Got it. That is very helpful.Do you know how long the sale on this computer and the Mares reg will run for?
my thoughts exactly about that combo.
Im sorry we have no way of knowing. Prices can change daily.
ok. You have been very helpful. I think I will think about it for a couple days and then make a decision
No problem do you have other questions I can assist with?
Not really, although, are there one or two other computers you'd also recommend that I can consider?
Sure let me put a couple options up for you.
Remember that air integration makes the price go up a bit. This computer has a feature that a lot of people like. Its called quick disconnect.
Sherwood CG9125 Wisdom 2 Dive Computer with Compass and Quick Disconnect
And this one comes with a compass which is nice to have.
Quick disconnect means what? That you can swap it between BCDs without having to pull out tools?
Your computer will go on your regulator but what it mean is that you can disconnect it from the hose with just a twist. Its nice for when your doing your log book and for traveling.
This is a wrist option with a transmitter.
The transmitter sends the air information back to the wrist unit.
I like the quick disconnect because it secures your computer with you
Sherwood CG9125 Wisdom 2 Dive Computer with Compass and Quick Disconnect
Basically it disconnects here
It will come with a case to put it in.
Do you like the Sherwood?
Are you still with me?