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Leisure Pro expert product information on Scubapro Air 2, Combination Octopus/Inflator Regulator, Black/Gray.

visitor asked What are the best regulator and an octopus package?

Scubapro Air 2, Combination Octopus/Inflator Regulator, Black/Gray

Scubapro Air 2, Combination Octopus/Inflator Regulator, Black/Gray

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Leisure Pro Needler
Kasia W.
Welcome to Leisure Pro. How can I assist you today?
Hello, how are you?
hi kasia, my name is daniel and i'm looking for a regulator and and an octopus package
Hello, Daniel.
Do you like any particular brands?
Also, do you have a budget?
which is the best?
anything under 700
Would it be $700 for both?
Where do you mainly dive?
OK. Let me see what I can suggest
Will you please give me a minute while I pull them up?
Thank you
This would be my first set for you
I really love this regulator
It will perform well in any conditions and is well balanced
Scubapro R295 Octopus, Yellow
Another set would be Scubapro MK25/C00
what do u think about scuba pro a700?
Scubapro MK17/A700 Regulator
Scubapro MK17/A700 Regulator
Scubapro MK17/A700 Regulator
It's a great regulator as well. I wasn't suggesting it because it was above your budget
i can see now lol
You probably saw the one that was 2nd stage only
What do you think about these setups?
if i have the air 2 system for the scuba pro bcd does the first stage changes?
i liked the mares best
I love Mares
No nothing changes
It is really great performing regulator
Marine rated
Are you thinking of purchasing soon?
i live in mexico so i need to able to fix it here and i dont think anybody works with mares here
Oh I see
yes within the next two days
I think Scubapro should be no problem?
yes there is no problem with those
It could be a better idea to go with Scubapro
Scubapro MK25/C300 Regulator
Mares Abyss 52 Regulator
would it fit the scuba pro mk25 with the mares octopus?
You can mix them and it will not affect the performance in any way
Would you like me to help you find anything else?
yes a bcd
i want it to be travel light
Do you like any brands?
i would like it to have the air 2
Cressi Travelight BCD Large Black Yellow
somewhere around 600
Scubapro GO BC Large
or if you think there is anything better for less
What do you think about scubapro go?
thats the one i had seen
It would be my recommendation
It will work with air 2
It also comes in air 2 version
what do u think would be more useful ? the air 2 or an octopus?
Air 2 would reduce drag but to be honest I would prefer the regular octo
What if you need to give air to someone else?
You'd need to use air 2 and give your primary reg
you are right
Well I really thing is a matter of personal preference
You will have less gear on you, that's for sure
Air 2 is a great feature
what other bcd's are compatible with the air 2?
Let me see
For sure any scubapro
I think Cress Travelight should work as well
and how much is the air 2 sold for?
Let me check
Scubapro Air 2, Combination Octopus/Inflator Regulator, Black/Gray
well then you've been of muchh help thank you
Do you need my help with anything else , Daniel?
that would be all
Feel free to rate our chat when you hit " end chat" It was a pleasure. I am glad I could help!
Happy holidays!
happy holidays to you too