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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter.

visitor asked What are the best dive computer with O2 and nitrus?

Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter

Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter

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Paula G
Hi How are you?
What can I help with today?
Hi I'm looking for a dive computer for my husband with O2 and nitrus
Not a problem. What type of diving does he do?
mostly ocean, tropical, he's looking to dive on a wreck in the Dead Sea
That would be awesome! Do you know if he has been diving with a computer now?
Sorry about the questions I just want to get the right type of computer for his needs.
I'm not sure, he could have one but \i don't think so
Ok well if he is doing wreck diving I recommend a wrist computer. Do you have a budget in mind?
I really did't want to spend more than $500.oo
Ok let me show you a few I options. Ill put them on your screen for you.
Ok Thanks
500 is a tough budget for a wrist computer but this one isnt much over the price and it will do everything he will want.
Its actually on sale for christmas 574.95
Its Nitrox capable hoseless and he will be able to download his dives to the computer.
If I had more to spend, what would your recommendation be?
Ill show you the best.
Mares Icon HD Air Integrated Hose-Less Dive Computer (Complete System)
Computers are like cars,,,How many bells and whistles do you want....
The wrist mounts run a little more but if he is diving wrecks he doesnt want the entanglement hazard of the console.
I figure, if you're under water, you should have the least comlicated computer
And you want a larger display
That Aeris that I showed you first is really a good computer for the price since its on sale.
That has all the things that you need.
and it comes with the transmitter.
I think that's the best option for me. I'll order that one
I think you will be pleased with it.
It will hold 24 of his dives in the log book
Thamks for all your help
No problem. Will you be purchasing now?
Just one more question. If the computer only hold 24 dives, I'm assuming that he's able to transfer his info to his other computer. Is this correct?
Oh yes,,,he will keep his normal log book or he can keep it on the computer. The log in the wrist computer is for so that you dont have to immediately log your dives. It saves all the information until you are ready to record them.
Its great for repetitive dives.
Ok I'm ready to purchase it now
Awesome. Do you see it in on your screen? You can add it to your cart from there. Leave your chat box open so I can make sure it goes through smoothly.
Sure Thanks. I new at ordering on line, and a little nervous
You are doing great! That is what we are here for. We are not customer service we are diver who enjoy helping with equipment.
I think you will get good wife bonus points for this computer.
Thanks, I know he'll appreciate the effort
Are you doing ok with the checkout process?
I'm not sure I have the correct item. I doesn't seem to be showing the sale price.
Is it in your cart?
click this link
and then click add to cart
Does that help?
Are you still with me?
Are you checking out?
I'm trying to check out \i'm a bit of a techno-tard
LOL thats funny! Where are you in the process Ill help?
Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter
I've just removed the wrong one, and am trying to order the right one.
Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter
Ok do you see the computer on your chat screen?
Click this link
There is a red button that says ADD TO CART
ok I've done that. Do i need the battery kit and the cable as well?
No the cable comes with ;-)
Includes PC Download / Settings Upload Cable
Ok Thanks
Depending on how much he dives the battery will last a while but if you want a spare you can grab the kit.
Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter
I'm assuming he can recharge the battery between dives. How long does the battery last?
He wont need to recharge the battery. The computer turns on when needed and shuts off when idle. The battery will depend on his diving but it should last many dives. When he has his equipment serviced once a year then he should change it.
You know, I think I will order the battery pack just in case.
Never hurts to have a spare batter in your save a dive kit.
I just have to figure out how to go back and get it now
Let me get it for you.
click the link
Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter
Did you get it in your cart too?
I think so They are making me put all my information in again
Im sorry,,,,once you create an account you can just sign in when you come back.
Ok I think I've figured it out. Thanks for all of your help and patience Paula. I sure appreciate it. I think I'm good from here. Have a very Merry Christmas!
If you would mind leaving your box open till you finish checking out. We get credit for helpiing.
Sure No Problem
Thanks so much! Im here if you need me as well.
Are you doing ok?
I keep getting kicked out of the order page and have to keep retyping my info in
hmmmm do you hit and the save and continue?
I think I did it correctly now- I had a - in my phone #
ah ok
the next is shipping and payment info.
Check back in with me so we dont time out.
You did it!!!
you did great!
omg not even close. You were fine TRUST ME!
WOW! I"m sure I'm the biggest tard you've ever had to deal with. Thanks again for all your help.
Merry Christmas Paula
Merry Christmas to you as well. I know your husband will have one.
If you want to hit the end chat button and let me know how I did that would be great.
And if you ever need more help I would be very happy to help you.