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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Puck Pro Wrist Computer.

jenn asked Want some inputs on a dive computer and cost implications

Mares Puck Pro Wrist Computer

Mares Puck Pro Wrist Computer

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Kimberly S.
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Hi Jenn
How can I help you toda?
just wanted some inputs on a dive computer
and how much i should be looking to spend
do you want a wrist or console computer?
By the way, how did all the gear you got last time work out?
<-- spoke with you last time
worked out well! i actually just got it in the mail yesterday!
yess, of course i remember youu
everything fit perfectly
i'm so glad you like it
=) thank you for all your help
no problem
so for the computers, would ou like a wrist mount?
Or a console?
a wrist mount
and do you want it air integrated?
air intergrated?
you can read the air pressure in your tank
this will seriously raise the price of the computer
im going to pass on the air integrated computers.
you'll be spending around 700+ dollars for a computer with air integration's not neccesary
how much are you looking to spend?
im not quite sure as i dont know what the average price on a computer goes for.
hoping to spend less than 300 but if the average is above that then willing to spend more
Aeris XR1 NX Wrist Computer
we can definitely do something below $300
and they will be great computers!
Suunto &quot;Zoop&quot; Air/Nitrox Wrist Computer Orange
OK...let's start with the one I recommend
I like the Suunto Zoop
I dive with a similar suunto computer
this can do air and nitrox
it has a luminous face so it will glow at night when you shine a light on it
would that be your first choice- the suunto zoop?
It has a planning feature on it
so it is awesome for repetitive diving
nice! just looking at the details now
one min
do you think i need to do any other looking around?
honestly, no - i have 5 friends who dive with the zoop and they love it. i mean, they really really love it - it's an awesome price for all the features too
sounds great!
Arre you interested in getting this today?
yes but i think for this one i will actually go into the store tomorrow and purchase it. I leave next tuesday so not sure if it will get delivered on time
oh ok. sounds good. we can ship it to you by tuesday.
would you like me to figure out the shipping costs?
normally it ships free?
it does - but that will take 7-10 days - are you in tennessee?
no, i am in new york
so i can just drop by the new york store
you could do that but our free shipping should get to you in time too since you are in NYC
yess - i beleive the store is on 17th street. may be easier than having it shipped to me. i work downtown so just a quick 10min subwayy ride
that works too
thank you so much for your help!
is there anything else i can assist you with?
no problem
no, that is all for today
also if im at the store
will they ask if anyone assisted me?
shall i tell them your name
or does it not matter?
nope but you can tell them that the leisure expeerts online are great
=) def will relay the message
thank you for all the hel!
have a greatt dayyy
yo too