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Leisure Pro expert product information on Sealife SL330 Mini II Digital Underwater Camera.

visitor asked Looking underwater camera under $200

Sealife SL330 Mini II Digital Underwater Camera

Sealife SL330 Mini II Digital Underwater Camera

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Miyuki S.
Hi, I'm Miyuki and I'm here to answer your gear related questions.
How are you?
May I have your name please?
Hi! I'm hoping you can answer a few questions about underwater cameras for me.
My name is Grace
Hi Grace
What do you need to know?
I am looking for a VERY basic underwater camera. We are using it for scuba diving, so it'd need to go as deep as 100 feet, but it doesn't need to be really fancy. What options do you have for that? Do you have anything that is $200 or below?
Let me check our sales.
May I have a moment to do that please?
Thank you!
Of course, thank you.
Are you able to see these links?
Sealife Reefmaster Mini SL332 Camera
Yes -these are great! Thank you!!
and the sealife cameras
And, do you think these are all good models?
you can apply for an additional rebate
yes they are good for basic cameras
i prefer the sealife's
Okay, great, thank you, I really appreciate it!
my pleasure!
are you interested in ordering one of these tonight?
I think I'll take a closer look at them before ordering them. But, this is so helpful ,thank you!
some of the ratings aren't the greatest, but I think people expect too much from a basic camera sometimes
the sealife's have a color enhancing feature which is nice
and the reefmaster mini even has a mini wide angle lens
and it has more focus ranges so you can take
pictures and video from more
All great information. Thank you! You've been very helpful; is there a place where I can leave a review for you?
with the $30 rebate it will ultimately come to just about 200
yes. thank you for asking!
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I hope I have provided 10-star service for you today. ;-)
Thanks very much! Have a good night!
You too!