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Leisure Pro expert product information on All Oceanic BCD & Regulator Package.

visitor asked Looking for a dive package, some booties and rechargeable dive lite

All Oceanic BCD & Regulator Package

All Oceanic BCD & Regulator Package

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Jason W.
Hello there, my name is Jason - I will be happy to help you with any equipment questions you may have.
Hi, how are you today?
Jason, I am looking for a dive package for my son...probably the All Oceanic BCD & Regulator Package. Also need some booties and looking for a good rechargable dive lite.
OK, great... I can help...
What size would you say you would need?
The large BC. I need size 10 booties. Want to keep that cheap --Aeris Manta if they are decent.
ok, great.
Let me see what I can pull up for you okay?
Can you give me just a minute please?
Thank you
He already has a mask and snorkel?
We may have to BUILD a package... if you want OCEANIC. Would that be okay?
ok.. this may take a minute to get together for you okay?
I like the excursion BCD best
Would your son prefer a back inflate BCD or Jacket Style?
Are you still there?
Not sure. Our current dive equipment is older jacket style. Sorry, at work and having some interuptions.
Oh ok.. so you would probably want to stay with the jacket style then right?
Oceanic Flex BCD Medium/Large
Jason, sorry, just getting a lot of interuptions. I dont think that back or jacket style is more prefered. I had looked at the existing packages that were available. I am going to have to get back as I am having too many interuptions right now.
You can always ask for me. JasonW
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Have a great day