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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Package #1.

visitor asked Is there a reasonable puck computer I can upgrade to?

Mares Package #1

Mares Package #1

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Leisure Pro Needler
Miyuki S.
Hi, I'm Miyuki and I'm here to answer your gear related questions.
How are you doing today?
May I have your name please?
How may I help you?
how much to add a computer? I bought 4 complete scuba packages from Leisure Pro this year already.
I want to get this for my 11 YO son
are you referring to the Mares package #1?
I have a code for packages, which if it has not exceeded it's capacity is good for 5% off.
Yes, Mares Pkg. 1
It would apply to the entire order
so whatever computer you chose will be 5% off as well
also you cannot have used the code before?
what computer are you considering?
is there a reasonable puck computer I can upgrade to?
are you wanting to add a computer?
i mean are you looking at getting a wrist computer?
Mares Puck Wrist Computer
I recommend the puck
it is very easy to use and read
no, a puck add on like the Genesis react pro or something inexpensive
oh okay.
the puck is quite affordable though
Maybe i misused "puck"
no worries
may i have a moment to see what else we have?
sure. Something in a console with the pressure dial below
oh okay. so you are looking for something in addition to the genesis in the package?
is that correct?
something to replace it
I cannot change the package itself unfortunately
oh, I thought you could upgrade items. I did that last time
i don't have the authority to do that
maybe I made my own packages last time
that must have been it
would you still like to look for another console?
or perhaps get the puck wrist computer?
I guess I'll stick with the one in the package. do you have a small BC in stock?
may i have a moment to check please?
yes the small is in stock on the website
ok, should I order there? what's the disc. code?
yes, but could you please leave the wndow open?
i can give you the code when you get to the payment section of checkout
what size does the adult sm fit?
how big is your son?
5'4" ish
yes, 110
do you know his waist and chest?
no, but what are those ranges?
waist 30-37
chest 33-41
I think that will work
he could go XS but he is still growing so S would be best
I agree
Mares Package #1
Mares Puck Wrist Computer
Mares Package #1
Mares Package #1
Mares Package #1
Mares Package #1
Please let me know when you are at the payment section there will be a box there for the code
your #1 reads 474.95
Hopefully it will not have exceeded it's capacity.
Mares Package #1
the website price is the correct price
they often don't update our system
my apologies
I prefer your price!
i do too!
should I call and beg?
you could, but i am pretty sure that the website price is the price
I spent about $5k on the last 4 sets
it's up to you.
I'll attempt
have a great day! and good luck on your call!
thanks for all of your help
you're welcome. it's been a pleasure :-)
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