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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Mission Puck 3 Computer Console .

Drew asked is there a pressure gauge on the other side of the computer display on Aeris XR1 NX 3?

Mares Mission Puck 3 Computer Console

Mares Mission Puck 3 Computer Console

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Justin R.
Hey,I was checking out the Aeris XR1 NX 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass, and I just wanted to ask if there is a pressure gauge on the other side of the computer display
Hi Drew!
How are you?
doin' well thanks
Can you give me a moment to look at this for you?
take your time, thanks for doing this
It reads from 0-5,000 PSI
sickkkk, would you recommend this computer to a beginner?
i just recieved my openwater cert this summer
Yes - This is a nice computer and it's a nice sale we have on it right now too
This computer allows room for your dive experience to grow also
It will do both air and nitrox
awesome, thanks so much!
It's nice to have the 3 gauge pod like this :-)
Yea! when i was getting certified I was using one similar to this, but the compass was on the reverse side... made things a bit trickier
Yeah, I would agree!
It's nice to have it on the side facing your computer for sure
Most definitely
You're welcome. Will you be purchasing a computer today?
possibly, want me to mention you?
comission or something?
No commission
I like to stay on with customers in case they have questions during the check out.
I wish though! lol
Aeris XR1 NX 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass
oh ok got you, if I were to mull things over and purchase tomorrow, what are the chances it will still be in stock?
also how long is the sale?
It's low on stock right now
I had a few people buy this same computer earlier, so there's really no guarantee it will still be in stock later or tomorrow.
We also are not told when sales like this end unfortunately
I would assume it will be on sale until it is out of stock though
that makes sense. how low on stock is low on stock?
I don't have an exact number unfortunately
We just show when an item is low, like what you see on the website
it should say low stock right below the SKU #
gotcha. just out of curiosity, what kind of computer do you have?
I have 2 that I use but they're pretty complex
I do mostly deep tech diving to 200-300 feet
thats super intense
On recreational dives I have a less complex computer by Mares
I can pull that one up for you if you'd like?
that'd be gret
Okay, just a moment please
Here is the recreational one that I use
The one I use on the tech dives is the Hollis DG05 also added to the chat
LP doesn't sell the other computer I use
Mares Mission Puck 3 Computer Console
The one that you're looking at has the same features as the Mares one that I use but honestly I like the one you are looking at better because it is more compact
you dont think its much more of an advantage to have the pressure gauge on the same side with the computer face and the compass?
Not really, I'd prefer it be more compact
this one is a little bulky
it does look pretty long
Yeah, I think the one you picked out is a really nice one and one I'd use myself for recreational diving.
awesome, you've sold me my friend haha
It's nice that it can do Nitrox also
Nitrox is awesome, I recommend it.
i just gotta figure out my budgeting
I hope you can get this one while it's still on sale :-)
I'm going abroad this semester to study tropical marine biology, so i reallllly would like to get this before heading out
That's AWESOME! Where are you going?
Costa Rica :-)
Aeris XR1 NX 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass
hahahaha yea, sooo pumped
Oh I bet!!!
I have yet to dive there. I hear it's amazing!!
I live in South Florida, so I guess I can't complain too much right?
i have as well! I have only goine diving in a quarry so far... haha so this should beat that by a long shot
You're in for some awesome diving for sure!
Are you interested in any other gear for your trip?
yea most definitely. thanks so much man, I wish you got commission haha
Me too!
good luck with all your crazy deep dives, i hope I can be on that level some day
Thanks Drew, have a great time in Costa Rica!