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Leisure Pro expert product information on Tusa RS-510 Regulator.

visitor asked Is the Tusa RS-510 regulator good for cold water (So California)diving?

Tusa RS-510 Regulator

Tusa RS-510 Regulator

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Jenna M.
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Good morning. IS this reg good for cold water (So California)diving?
That depends on how cold the water is. But for southern california it should be just fine :-)
Is that where you do most of your diving?
50 - 70 degrees?
You should be fine :-)
Its a good little reg too :-)
Yes. Although would like to use it in Hawaii and Costa Rica.
Will be fine there as well
99% So cal usage
I have had my TUSA for close to 13 years now! TIme for a new one.
The only time you really have to worry about COLD water is when its close to freezing water
Good to know. :-)
Not that cold! Ok. Thanks! I am going to do a little more researh. Thank you.
Sure thing :-) Do you have any questions about the reg?