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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Puck Air Computer Console.

Quincy asked Is the Mares Puck Air computer console nitrox compatible?

Mares Puck Air Computer Console

Mares Puck Air Computer Console

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Leisure Pro Needler
Miyuki S.
Hi, my name is Niki and I'm here to help you with your dive equipment questions today.
Niki had to step away. Is it alright if I help you instead?
How are you doing today?
May I have your name please?
Hi Quincy!
How may I help you?
is this mares computer nitrox compatable
yes it is
also no cold water problems Ice diving ?
No cold water problems no.
and it does nitrox 21 to 50%
Customs flooded my computer - looking for replacement nitrox and cold water user friendly any other suggestions
oh that is terrible!
Mares is very user friendly and easy to read.
and it will be good in cold water
may i have a moment to see what else we have in stock please?
To be honest, in it's price range I cannot think of a better one.
do you know how long this will be on sale
we do have one with a compass on top
i don't have a specific date no
it is usually for a certain number of units
and not based on time
I have been barrowing a suunto cobra from a friend this computer seems comparable - may have a problem getting it serviced but I can work on that - are the 2 computers comparable minus the price diff : )
It is comparable. The mares is just a better price :-)
and i think easier to read
thanks for the help
my pleasure!
would you like to order this today?
or do you have other questions?
may think on it while I drink my coffee and look arounf the site a little - may do a little price shopping how late can I order by phone ??
You would have to call tomorrow
to order by phone
but you can order online anytime
if more questions come up please start another chat and ask for me
thankyou for your help merry christmas
it has been a pleasure!
happy holidays!
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