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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Package #2.

Nathan asked Is the Mares package #2 customisable?

Mares Package #2

Mares Package #2

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Leisure Pro Needler
Carol J.
Hi, how can I help you today?
Hi, how are you today?
good thank you
I'm great!!
I was wondering if the packages are customisable
LeisurePro does offer customizable packages
I will be happy to send you the link if you want?
its actually for a friend of mine so i will have to talk to him and see what he wants
yes please
No problem!!
when you open the link you will see a banner that says create your own package. Do you see that?
awesome! What kind of equipment are you looking for?
not exactaly sure
i think he wants mainly mares stuff
good brand! That's actually the brand I dive! Has your friend been diving long?
he got his certification at the same time i did but has only done about 5 dives
i have done about 150 dives
He needs to get back in the water!!
i also use a mares bcd, fins and wetsuit
It's good equipment!
yeah i havent got any complaints
Which BCD do you dive?
My husband dives the Prestige, I dive the Kaila
umm i cant remember what it is called
it is airtrim though
but not the dragon
Mares Package #2
Do you prefer the back inflate?
the one i have inflates around the side as well
its a travel bcd and had a zip up bag attached but was annoying so i took it off
i think its the Morphous Pro
I like to be streamlined if at all possible. Decreases entanglement worries.
What type of diving do you usually do?
mainly shore dives
but i am deep and nitrox certified
there is just no where deep enough around where i live
I do a lot of limited visability dives, mostly quarries.
cool, i like the sound of that
i want to get cave certified but its too hard where i am :-(
There are several places around here but I have a thing about tight squeezes. Prefer cavern
anyway Carol, i have to go, my lunch break is over
Have a great night! Thanks for chatting and if we can be of any other assistance, let us know!
thank you for your assistance
will do
Mares Package #2
You are welcome!