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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris AT 600 ION DVT Swivel Regulator with Environmental Seal and MaxFlex Hose, Black.

Felix asked Is Aeris AT 600 ION DVT Swivel, a good regulator?

Aeris AT 600 ION DVT Swivel Regulator with Environmental Seal and MaxFlex Hose, Black

Aeris AT 600 ION DVT Swivel Regulator with Environmental Seal and MaxFlex Hose, Black

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Justin R.
is Aeris AT 600 ION DVT Swivel, a good regulator?
Hi! How are you today?
hi justin, i am doing fine
Can you tell me more about the diving you do?
yeah, just wanted to know your opinion about this regulator
And your experience with diving?
i am just a beginner :-)
i dived 3 times in my life
Where will you be doing most of your dives?
i just acquired my "PADI's Open water license" about one month ago
That's great! Congrats!
i am from Hong Kong, but I do plan my future dives in Asia
Okay great, give me one second please
This is a very nice regulator
It has a secondary membrane that keeps contaminants out of the parts inside your regulator
I see!!
Great choice!
i am more concern about "breathing" though
This is a high performance regulator
also, I am a newbie in scuba diving, i know that this regulator only comes with 1st and 2nd stage
if i were to buy the octopus and the BC hose and the gauge myself, do i need any special tools to assemble them?
This regulator has their Patented Dynamic Adjustment Automatically which Maintains Inhalation Effort
Just a few wrenches
it's ok for me to assemble it myself right?
i see!! great!!
It's very easy to assemble them.
there's no way i can assemble it the wrong way?
i was kinda worry about that :-)
The ports have a cap that is removed by an allen wrench then you just tighten the hoses with a standard wrench
The high pressure ports and the low pressure ports are different sized fittings
i see!!! thanks for the help justin!!
It's super easy :-)
any tips for me in assembly?
I would attach the 1st stage to your tank first
then take a look at where the ports are so you can get a better feel for where you want your hoses to point
i see!!! air will not shoot out after i've attached the 1st stage to the tank?
without the hoses that is
Do not turn the air on until you have assembled the hoses
Once you have the hoses tightened in turn the air on slowly and listen for leaks.
You want to tighten the hoses but not over tighten, the o-ring will seal the hoses very well
i see!!
thanks a lot! :-)
You're welcome! :-)
btw, do u happen to know the details about this regulator?
What details are you looking for?
is the connector for this DIN or Yolk?
This particular one id Yoke
or is it DIN with a convertor?
This one is just Yoke
Are you looking for a DIN regulator?
which is better? or more popular? DIN or Yoke?
Yoke is more popular.
i see!!
If you are renting tanks, most dive shops will have more tanks for Yoke
but if i go to sites that only have DIN connector tanks, is there a convertor for DIN-to-yoke?
Let me check, give me one second please?
ok! :-)
If you are looking for a set up that can convert you will need to purchase a DIN regulator and then a DIN to Yoke adaptor
so, there's no such thing as "DIN to Yoke"?
There is
i meant
sorry, Yoke to DIN :-)
You can convert DIN to Yoke but not Yoke to DIN
i see
more question to ask now :-)
what's ur opinion on Sunnto D6?
Sunto computers are momre concervative than other brands
I would suggest an Oceanic
conservative you mean?
They will make you do more stops more frequently
My friend's Suunto computers are always beeping when we dive and telling them to stop on ascents and for longer periods. They also have less bottom time I have noticed
yeah, that's what my coach told me too
By that I mean they tell you to ascend quicker for no decompression bottom time
but they still use it :-)
They're not bad computers, just extra safe :-)
my coaches also use suunto :-)
i see
Other than that, great computers
besides that, what do u think of the "wireless transmitting" function?
is it a useful function?
I use a wireless transmitter on one of the computers I have
I LOVE it!
It's very accurate!
better than the analog gauge??
It's more informative than analog
can u recommend me a diver's computer watch?
When you download your dive profile to a PC it will tell you at any point how much air you are using
What is the budget you are looking to stay with in?
cheap :-)
haha, less than $500 if possible
or better, around $300
but ... i also want good looking ones ... so i can wear it on the street
If you're looking for an air integrated wrist computer you will need to budget at least $550
i see! so u can recommend me something that's around $550 then? :-)
We have an awesome one you'd like then
Oceanic Atom 2.0 Air Integrated Hoseless Dive Computer Watch (Complete System)
Check this one out. It's normally $1000
On sale for only $600
It's not so huge and looks great as an every day watch also :-)
what about battery life?
You can expect the battery to last about 1 year.
It's a good rule of thumb to change the battery out annually.
This is a computer that will grow with your experience also
can i change it myself??
the battery
Give me a moment to check on this for you.
okay ;-)
Yes, this is a user replaceable battery
Oceanic Atom 2.0 Air Integrated Hoseless Dive Computer Watch (Complete System)
but, do i need to buy special tools for it?
or will the watch come with the tools?
Just one second please
These open with the use of a coin on the back of the watch.
Yes - If you are not comfortable doing it though most dive shops will install them for free
it's safe for me to open it? i am worry that I may not seal it properly
in Hong Kong it's not free :-)
Or very inexpensive any way
i think it's about $200 to $300 HKD per change
Oh, this is something you can easily do your self.
that's $30USD
okay! thanks for that information
The battery kit is about $15
last question, what port does the wireless transmitter connects to?
It connects to a high pressure port.
will the aries ION that I wanted have enough ports for it?
Yes, that 1st stage has 2 High Pressure ports
if the connection for the wireless transmitter lost, will it reset my dive log?
when i am diving
It will save it.
ok! that's all my questions!
thank you for your help!
you have been very helpful
thank you very much
You're welcome!
take care and have a nice day
bye now