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visitor asked I'm trying to get some info on some dive lights

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Kimberly S.
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Hi. My name is Kim
Hiw can I help you?
Do you need some help finding a light?
I'm trying to get some info on some dive lights
which lights?
well I'm looking at two diff models...they both look identical but one is almost double the price of the other
do you know the name of the lights?
Princeton Tec, Rage Flashlight (PTCR) and the Princeton Tec, Attitude Dive Light (PTCA)
OK. The Rage comes with xenon lights and the Attitude comes with LED lights.
would you like me to explain the difference?
yes, that would be great
no problem.
xenon lights burn a little brighter than led but they are way more expensive to replace. LED will burn super bright for a little while and then just brightly until it totally dies
LED are much cheaper to replace
I dive with LED and would recommend that to you over xenon acutally
i have a similar princeton tec light - love it
they are very durable
I've been using LED lights for years with the Coast Guard and also back when I was in the scouts, they're definitely useful. I was just trying to figure out the difference btwn those two lights
no problem. did my explaination answer your question?
so is it that the bulb type is the only difference?
i will double check to be sure
can you wait just a moment?
The Attitude Dive Light has 30 Lumens of Brightness with a 150 Hour Burn Time that is powered by 4 x AAA Alkaline Batteries (included). Light weighs 2.5 oz (71 g) with batteries, has a Built-In Utility Clip and Split Ring for attachment to your equipment o
The Rage produces 41 Lumens of Brightness with a Xenon Lamp. Light is powered by 4 x AAA Batteries (included) with a Burn Time of 1.25 Hours. The Rage is Waterproof and is Depth Rated to 330' (100 meters), has a Focused Narrow Beam and weighs 2.5 oz (71 g)
so same weight but the rage burns brighter
but it doesn't last as long
for burn time
ok now I see the difference
sure thing
do you have any other questions about these lights?
here's my next question...I snorkel a lot in the summer, I'm not much of a diver but I was primarily looking to get a dive light to use for evening/night snorkeling plus using it on the boat and in adverse weather
so what would be your best recommendation for that kind of use?
sure. i think this light will work but you may want something a little brighter for night time
do you have a budget for this purchase?
i can recommend some other good LED lights
let's say under $25
oh ok
just a moment please while I go look :-)
thank you
this one will give you 65 lumens vs the 31 from the attitude light
do you like this one?
I wrote down a list of all the lights I was looking at and this one is on my list
oh cool!
i think for the little bit of extra money, it would be worth getting a brighter light for at night
right, makes sense
i can search for another one below it in price. would you like me to keep looking?
this next one is a bit above that $25 price range but it seemed like it would probably come in handy for me...the Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eLED dive light
i actually own the mini Q40
it is really bright
it just looks like a cool light and all
and compact
plus I like the whole idea with the mask strap too
i have seen people do that and it seems to work well for them
i have always held it but some people do attach it to the mask strap
does that one have a lanyard or wrist strap attachment to it?
let me check for you.
it only comes with the mask strap
i can show you a lanyard though if you'd like
Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eLED Dive Light Black
Trident Latex Wrist Lanyard, Yellow
Aqua Wrist Lanyard Black
here are two options - they are basically the same thing
oh sry, I think there was some confusion on my part
oh ok
i'm sorry
what I was really asking was whether or not a lanyard could be attached to the Q40
oh yes. a lanyard can be attached on the end
there is a little hole for it
ok, that clears things up now
i configured mine without an issue
i have taken this mini Q40 our during the day to look in crevices
and i use it when getting in and out of the water at night when i don't want to deal with my bulky light
it works really great
seems like it
77 lumens too
I'm just trying to rationalize spending roughly $35 on a dive light when I don't even scuba lol
UK has a great warranty policy, i have done 50 dives with it
and never had an issue
if you want to save a bit of money, I would suggest going for the pirnceton tec attitude
makes sense
it will be about three-quarters the brightness though
I see
my princeton tec has lasted a good long while too though - it is one that i lone out to students
so it doesn't have as many dives on it - around 30 but it has held up really well
so typically, what do you personally use your dive lights for?
i use the UK Sunlight C4 LED
and i do night dives with it
it is around 200 lumens I think
the mini Q40 i use for deep dives during the day
when i want to photograph things and get extra light on them
and i use it at night as a backup or when i get in and out
ok, I see
where do you dive most often?
I live in Okinawa, Japan so here
but I have also done night dives in southern california
i have done night dives in Guam too
and gone diving in PA and dominican repblic as well
sounds like you really get around
i like to diversify
if you don't mind me asking, are you in the navy or any other branch of service for that matter?
I used to be in the Marines but now am married to a Marine pilot
there's a lot of navy sailors in okinawa
i am a veteran now
oh nice
semper fi
you bet :-)
I have one last question for you
what's up?
I was once told at a different dive shop (before I discovered leisure pro), that most divers don't use dive knives anymore and they tend to dive with shears
oh ok
what's your experience with dive knives?
most people dive with knves still from what i know
technical divers will dive with shears
I own a couple but just wanted to hear your experience
but most recreational divers just carry a knife
it sounds like they were trying to sell you something unnessesary :-)
i've actually never seen a recreational diver using shears to be honest
I didn't think so
the guy didn't seem very honest
i would agree with you there
I went into the shop looking for a small dive knife to carry on my coast guard PFD
and he tries to sell you some high speed shears :-(
and he's trying to tell me that people dive with shears these days
but I told him that I needed it for a very specific purpose
i understand
lets just say I didn't buy anything from his shop
i wouldn't have either
currently I own 2 dive knives, one of them is from LP
we appreciate your business
I liked the staff there and the showroom was nice
it's a commute to go into the city and I wouldn't go there just for that but I try to stop in whenever I can
i understand - i was thinking that was a far distance
yup, it's like a 45 min train ride from where I live on LI
about the same from where my parents live too
Do you have anymore questions about these lights?
that'll be all...thanks for the help
are you interested in getting either of them today?
I might, I just have to first make sure my girlfriend didn't already buy me the snorkel gear I've been wanting to buy
oh ok. would you like me to wait while you find out?
no, that's alright, it could be a while
plus she probably won't tell me anyway cause it would be part of the holiday gift I am receiving from her
ok. well if you decide to make a purchase, please come back into this chat and ask for me (kimberly S.)
i will make sure everything gets processed correctly for you
are there any other questions I cananswer for you today?
actually yes, now that you mention it...
I'm looking into buying a pair of warm water dive gloves for the sole purpose of preventing cuts and abrasion on my hands
sure. just a moment while I ull up some to show you
I already have a couple in mind that I can share with you
Deep See Waterfall Glove Large
Neo Sport 1.5mm XSPAN Multi Sport Glove Large
here are two pairs of inexpensive ones i recommend
Deep See Waterfall Glove Large
the ones I've been looking at are the AKONA adventure gloves sku: AKFG204
Akona Adventure Glove (AKFG204) 2X-Large
the Neo Sport 1.5 mm XSPAN multi sport glove sku: NSPMSG
the neosport will be warmer
and lastly, the AKONA 2mm Reef gloves sku: AKFG608
i use something similar to the akona adventure glovesn tropical waters - they are perfect and my hands won't overheat
your hands might get really hot with the anything above 1 mm
I figured
i would recommend the akona adventure gloves
so basically like I was saying, I just really want them for the sole purpose of preventing cuts and abrasion from picking stuff up underwater
oh ok
the last few times I've gone snorkeling, I cut up my fingers both times from barnacles on rocks, shells, etc
the Akonas will provide enough protection
so my next question is how do they compare in size to like winter gloves lets say?
I want to know how the sizes compare
there is a sizing cart on the website - if you use that, you'll be able to get the right size
could you send me a link to that...I don't believe I've seen that before
it is labeled "Sixe chart" on the website
Size Chart
alright, I'll just have to take a closer look, it's been a while
and lastly, I'm also looking at low cut dive socks to prevent abrasion on my feet from my fins
XS Scuba Lycra Socks
so same goes for those...are the sizes similar to regular socks?
here are some socks I recommend
what about the low cut socks like the AKONA 2MM neoprene low-cut socks sku: AKBT925?
thos are pretty good
or XS scuba 2mm neoprene socks sku: XSSNS?
those are both good options too
they will keep your feet warmer than the ones I showed you
do either of those have any slip resistance to them on the soles?
I don't think so
guess it doesn't really matter too much, I'm really only using them with my fins and those are all rubberized on the inside
they should be fine inside the fin
and won't slip around as long as the fin fits you properly
yup, it's adjustable and I have a habit of making the straps pretty tight anyway
is there anything else I can help you with today?
nope, that is all...thanks for the help!
no problem take care
thank you, you too