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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris Elite T3 Hoseless Dive Computer.

Bri asked I'm looking to buy a Dive Computer for my husband, what would you recommend?

Aeris Elite T3 Hoseless Dive Computer

Aeris Elite T3 Hoseless Dive Computer

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Ben P.
Hi, I'm Ben. How can I help you today?
Hi Bri!
I'm looking to buy a Dive Computer for my husband for Christmas, but having never used one I'm not sure what to get
Wow, lucky husband. I need to introduce you to my wife :-)
Lol =)
Are you a diver?
Yes sir, but we just got certified last year. So, haven't done too many so far.
not a problem. You'll at least understand basic diving terms, which makes it easier on me.
Do you have a price range you want to stay within?
Well... I'd prefer to keep it as low as possible. As I'm sure you could understand. But below 400 for sure.
Of course! I can work with that.
Would you prefer a console style or a wrist mount?
Yeah, that's my choice too.
He's a very Techie kind of guy. So, I'm sure he'd prefer wrist.
So there's really two types of wrist styles...integrated and non-integrated.
Which would your recommend?
well, the bad news is that the integrated is likely going to be more than $400
I'm double checking, just to make sure.
Can you see the computer I just put in the chat tray on the right?
Yes it just popped up.
great. So this is an integrated computer....
that means that it is capable of monitoring your air via a transmitter on the regulator.
The downside on this one is that it doesn't include the transmitter. But it does offer the option to upgrade down the road.
If I don't get him the transmitter right away is this still something that he could use?
*until I do
Oh, definitely.
he'd just need a SPG to tell him his pressures.
it's a good idea to have one anyways as a failsafe.
Let me pull a few non-integrated up, we can compare so you can get an idea of what's out there.
Awesome. Also, so far we have not done any Nitrox, it is something we're probably going to do in the future, but thus far just haven't done yet.
ok, we'll make sure that whatever we look at is nitrox compatible.
So the Suunto that I put in the tray is just a solid, simple wrist mount computer.
not integrated....
Suunto is known for quality and for having a very conservative algorithm regarding how it calculates the dive tables.
The third I put in is the Vyper, which is the next step up from the Zoop. It adds several more features, and it's still under your $400 threshold.
Take your time comparing...what do you think?
Well... if your wife was buying you one, which would you like?
Hehe, got $1500?
Just kidding.....
I actually own and dive with the Vyper, it's a really, really nice unit.
Ha, I wish. Though if I did... "Santa" would be bringing me one too.
I think I like the Aeris, as I'm sure at some point he's going to want to integrate more. But, I really just don't know enough. The other one that I liked was the Vyper.
I can't fault the's a great unit, and it does look nice too
How much is the transmitter, for future planning?
$419 on this unit.
sigh it is a lot more expensive.
yes, unfortunately. With scuba gear, it always pays to buy as a package.
Yeah. If I was able to buy it together... how much is that?
$574 on that model
The real deal of the month in my mind is the Oceanic's pricey at $649, but it's TOP of the line
down from $900 right now, and it does come with the transmitter and PC cable for downloads. The ultimate techie setup on a budget.
Oceanic is nice. Pricy, but nice
We're hearing reports from some customers that they're actually shipping the VT4.1 if you buy the vt3. I can't confirm that 100%, though.
Nice. I wish I could afford that. I'd get it for him. But sadly... EMS people just don't make that kind of money.
I hear ya.
What about a console mount?
I could do that too
The puck air that I just put in is console mount, air integrated.
MUCH cheaper too.
Yeah? What is your opinion on this one
It's got all the features....air integration, Nitrox, tons of great modes....
just not wrist mount.
Yeah. I like it.
I have some mares gear that's 25 years old that I'm still using....they make great gear.
Hmm, decisions, decisions
Yes, indeed...and this is the last day to make a purchase with free shipping before Christmas!
Oh really? I didn't know about that.
yep, last day!
we can still get you items after that, but we'll have to expedite from here.
No pressure... ;-)
Sorry, I'm starting to sound like a used car guy, huh?
if it's any consolation, I'm not commissioned.....
No, you've been very helpful.
I might have another option....
I do like options.
Ignore the price in the chat window, this one is $499
so that's a little outside your range, but check out the list price of $725 normally.
This is one of those that's capable of being integrated if you buy the transmitter in the future.
Even if it's not integrated, it's a REALLY nice computer
Did I make it even tougher now? :-)
Yes. Yes you did
What can I say? I love helping people find cool diving gear...
AH, now if only you could find a winning lottery ticket for me... =)
I hate to say it, Bri, but if I could find a winning lottery ticket I'd be where they don't have internet :-)
While you're thinking it over, do you have wetsuits yet? We have some amazing deals going on them right now too
HE does, I don't yet. Lol he does swift water rescue... which is why he already has one.
While you're looking, I'd be happy to do any comparisons for you to make the decision a little easier.
I wore a wet suit once that I really loved. I just wish I knew who made it. I haven't been able to find anything similar.
It had zippers at both ankle and wrist, and a small one in the front of the neck, which I really liked. It made getting everything on and off easier, and the one on the neck was really nice. But I can't find that anywhere.
I'm not familiar with that one, unfortunately.
what water temps will you be diving in?
Yeah, I was afraid of that. =(
Um, I live in Missouri. So, we mostly dive in the lakes around here, or in Arkansas.
nice! I take it you haven't been to Bonne Terre yet?
A group of my coworkers are from MO, will be diving there early next year. Everyone raves about it.
I haven't been there. I hear it's nice though.
One of these days I'll make the drive.....
When it does come time for you to checkout a suit, they have a new material called Lavacore that's stretchy like lycra, but warm like neoprene.
We normally also carry a women's cold weather wetsuit combo that's a great price, but it looks like it got bought out with all our holiday sales.
Oh well. Lol Guess I shouldn't be shopping for me anyway...
you'll be next after he gets his computer :-)
Very true. =)
You're lucky that you have a built in dive buddy. My wife is what we like to call a "bubble watcher"
Aww, she doesn't like it?
She had some bad experiences with her ears.
She snorkels with me, which isn't bad.
How are we doing, Bri?
Aww I'm sorry to hear that
Now you said that you're a paramedic, right? Are you going to go for Rescue Diver?
Are you still with me, Bri?