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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi Ellipse Black MC5 Regulator.

Meyer asked Im looking for a regulator and Im not sure if i Like diaphragm or piston regulators, what do you recommend?

Cressi Ellipse Black MC5 Regulator

Cressi Ellipse Black MC5 Regulator

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Paula G
Hi Paula
Hi How are you? What can I assist you with?
Im looking for a regulator and Im not sure if i Like diaphragm or piston regs
Ok,,,let me ask what type of diving do you do/
do you do?
Do you do cold water diving?
not really.... I live in Venezuela.... :-)
awesome lol ok then either style will work for you. Would you like me to show you some of my favorites?
water is warm almost all year round
sure.... show me!
Do you have a budget in mind?
mmmm maybe 200 to 300
Ok thats great. Give me just a second and Ill put a couple on your screen for you.
Scubapro MK2 Plus/R295 Regulator
What do you think about these two Meyer?
lets see.....
is the scubapro din or yoke?
Its a din. Did you want a Yoke?
I prefer
ok no problem
This one is awesome and its on sale this week for 324.95
I dive a MK17 and LOVE it
Cressi Ellipse Black MC5 Regulator
It breathes the same no matter the depth.
There is no pull at breath and the air is there.
I think you would really be pleased with this one. The price is awesome too.
yup... Im cheking it out
Paula I have to go now got to help put the kids to bed.... thanks for the help
No problem Meyer! Thanks for letting me help you. Do you have any other questions I can help you with?
nope.. thanks! bye
If not feel free to hit the end chat and let me know how I did.
10 stars!