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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Air Control Octopus.

visitor asked im looking for a nice and cheap octo to go with my acualung atlantis, what would you recommend?

Mares Air Control Octopus

Mares Air Control Octopus

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Miyuki S.
Hello! Welcome to Leisure Pro!
Jenna is with another customer. Is it okay if I help you instead?
hy miyuki!
May I have your name please?
perfectly all right
Ricardo Garcin
Thanks Ricardo!
How may I help you?
im looking for a nice and cheap octo to go with my acualung atlantis
so i found this item in your used section
let me take a look.
may i have a moment to look at that?
would this work with my rig?
i am not sure if that will work with your aqualung.
you may need an adapter
ok... on the first stage end?
the 2nd stage end.
I need to check on that.
One moment please.
thanks for your patience.
or would this item work better?
it looks like it will work after all.
You will not need an adapter for the Blue Reef integrated octo.
and the XS will also work
ok, now for my second question.
Sure thing
im looking for a bcd to be used as my main bcd. however i do travel a lot (mosty long car drives) and usually only dive once or twice a month.
so i was thinking on a travel bc. especially the mares f-light bcd
are you looking for a BCD without weight integration?
do you use a weight belt?
i wouldn't say "without" , it is simply a commodity that doesn't really bother me if it's there or not
yes i use a belt
then the f-light would be a nice choice
between the f-light or the mares prestige, is there a lot of differences?
besides weight?
they do have the same amount of lift
my main concern is the longevity of the bcd.
but the prestige will be more durable
it has the Cordura 1000 vs the 420 on the f-light
so it would be tougher
ok, in what way?
it will stand up longer to heavy use or with light use it will last a longer amount of time
the fabric is stronger
does that make sense?
ok. and would the blue reef octo work with eather of them?
the blue reef will work
with both
i guess it makes some sense
how about blue reef's relyability
honestly I am not that familiar with the blue reef brand
if cost is not too much of an issue I would go with the mares integrated octo
and how much is that?
i think the blue reef is not as good in quality and realiability
may i have a moment to pull that up for you?
that's one nice looking octo, however it is above my but get
yes it is nice and pricey
does the octo have to be an integrated one?
not necessary
would you like to see some regular ones?
shure, just remember my reg is really "vintage" hehe
is an old acualung atlantis (1987 i think) how ever it has only been used once last month, and i had it serviced completely
that's really cool actually
do you happen to know off-hand the hose diameter?