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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Force Knife.

chris asked Im looking for a Blunt, pointed or tanto knife

Mares Force Knife

Mares Force Knife

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Justin R.
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May I have your name please?
Hi Chris, how are you?
good, what about you?
I'm great, thanks for asking! How may I help you today?
im looking for a knife
Okay great
Do you have a budget in mind?
open budget
Okay great
Do you know which type tip you prefer?
Blunt, pointed or tanto?
im ok with either of thise
Okay great
We have a great sale on the Beta Tanto knife right now
This is a titanium blade knife
It does come with the leg straps
What are your thoughts on this style?
We also have the same Beta knife in a pointed tip
i want something that attaches easily on any BC
I have one in mind
Mares Force Bat Titanium Knife
This would just clip right onto your BCD rings
I have one of these personally and it's very secure, easy to use and keeps a sharp edge very well
What are your thoughts on this style?
Beta Titanium Knife, Tanto Tip Black
Mares Force Knife
what about other knifes with different attachment methods
Here is another which attaches to the BCD
my biggest concern is the way its attached to the bc
What are your thoughts on the Mares Force knife?
This attaches to the side pockets
the easier it is to pull and replace the better
the mares is nice but it feels like that its gonna take little more time to pull
It's pretty simple to pull off with one hand
We can look at these other options also though
The Mares Force attaches to the side of your BCD
The leg mounted knives are also very simple to remove and replace when needed
Mares Force Bat Titanium Knife
Mares Force Knife
Have you used the leg mounted knives before?
not really
It's nice to keep the extra gear off your BCD
Mares Force Knife
Beta Titanium Knife, Tanto Tip Black
Mares Force Bat Titanium Knife
thats true
It's very easy to get to them on your leg and they're not uncomfortable
but i saw that most of these are pretty large
Not too bad, let me show you a smaller one
Wenoka Titanium EZ-Lock Knife Stiletto
This Wenoka is very compact
They look bigger in the pictures also than they are in person
I would definitely stick with titanium also
The stainless will rust over time
yeah i think titanium is the best
do you ave pics with the knifes attached
I'm sorry, we don't
its ok
Do you see any there that you like?
the Wenoka is nice and the Mares also
I think that Mares one, the non folding one is stainless
I'll pull it back up
Mares Force Knife
That one is stainless
well i think i will consider both of these and see which will fit me most
thanks for your help
Okay great
You're welcome Chris, feel free to leave this chat open as you browse