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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi Aquapro 5 BCD Medium.

Cree asked i'm in need of a male bc medium- used, what would you recommend?

Cressi Aquapro 5 BCD Medium

Cressi Aquapro 5 BCD Medium

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Niki M.
i'm in need of a male bc medium- used
Hi Cree, how are you?
great niki
And you are looking for a used BCD?
Size medium?
yes weight integrated hopefully
Do you have any features that you really like in a BCD?
Do you do a lot of diving?
just pockets and weight integrated release pockets
jacket style
Are you planning on doing any traveling with it or mostly local diving?
it's for my son. locally diving
Sherwood '08 Silhouette BCD
We have the Sherwood, which is a good BCD. It's a standard in dive shops.
is it weight integrated?
I believe so, but let me make sure.
Yes it is. And it's the jacket style.
I have a couple more options as well for you.
How old is your son?
16 skinny and tall
Tusa Selene BCD, Black (BCJ-9100)
Good combination for making sure you get an easy fit!
The Tusa Selene is another good one that meets your desires.
i thought the tusa selene was a female bcd
i do like the atomic ss1 with it
It's not specifically female. It's tailored to be easy for women to use, but it's not cut specifically for a woman.
I have a friend who is really slender built, 6'3" and uses this one.
He has been very happy with it.
It is more feminine though.
he's not going to go for it has a female on the side
We have a couple Sherwood Genesis that include octopus but are up in the $400 range. Would you like to see those?
Are you fixed on buying one used or just trying to stay within a specific price range?
specific price range
the lower the better
Because there are several new BCD's that are decent quality for around the same price as the ones we've looked at.
Cressi Aquapro 5 BCD Medium
This Cressi Aquapro is a good one. It's got the ditch-able weights and is integrated weight.
The Aeris 5 is also a good option.
Aeris 5 Oceans Buoyancy Compensator Medium Black/Red
But it's a back inflation - some swear by this.
Aeris & Cressi are both good brands that hold up well.
The Cressi is probably the better one for a new diver.
It's actually $20 less than the cheapest used one I'm seeing in that size.
Has you son started his classes yet?
Do you like either of those BCD's Cree?
Tusa Selene BCD, Black (BCJ-9100)