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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter.

visitor asked If I buy the Aeris Elite T3 can I add the transmitter at a later date?

Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter

Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter

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Hope M.
Welcome to Leisure Pro, how can we help you?
HI How are you doing today?
Wonderful, and I love Forest father was born there. Question is: If I buy the Aeris Elite T3 can I add the transmitter at a later date?
Have you been up here recently? Yes you can.
Last summer!
It will just serve as a regular dive computer until then
Nice in this storm we lost so many good trees
I know, and I'm sorry. My uncle said it was pretty sad up there but not too much home damage. And that's good news about being able to add the unit. Is the combined package going to be in stock soon?
Most made it through without to much damage. I live in the gardens and a few had trees come down into the house. I don't have access to stock.
Are you sold on this setup?
We have a few others that are great. you recommend something else?
Oceanic VT3 Hoseless Wrist Computer & Transmitter with PC Download Kit
I own this one it came with a transmitter and it is less money in the long run.
That was my other option! I know Aeris and Oceanic are the same computer in different housings...
$650 is a great price, but I had not planned on getting rid of my console computer yet or air gauge. Just wanted to be able to upgrade when I did!
Then I would go with the Aeris
Good, even over the Suunto products?
I owned an Aeris before my Oceanic and have loved it.
YET we have plenty of divers who love Suunto and would only buy them
Overall I think the features in the Aeris are comparable to the Suunto
I am in the $400 to $600 range but want the flexibility of adding a transmiter later. The Suunto offer for the free transmitter is mighty tempting...
...but it means spending more money up front!
It takes away so much bulk in my setup
I moved to drysuit diving and changed almsot all of my gear.
WOW!! I only dive the Caribbean and Australia and some off the coast of NC but much prefer clear clean blue water...!
I love having Less hang from me and being more streamlined. I take the train to rockaway sometimes with my gear.
anything goes on the subway
I'm not confident enougth to take away the console even with the transmitter...yet that is!
it takes time.
How long have you been diving?
Since 1972
Over 300 dive as a live aboard on a 50 foot sloop in the Caribbean
you are lucky
But I only bought the console computer in 2005
So you still need a few more years out of it.
Mares Puck and works like a dreambut don't want one on my wrist that big
I would go with the Aeris it is a nice setup. And when you are ready the transmitters would have dropped in price
In fact I was looking at the Suunto D4i
Oh I have people who rave about that D4I
The face is to small in my opinion. Just dove with one in the Caymans ad I struggled to read it easily at 130 feet. Aeris is good size but not too big so that's what I think too...Aeris T3
I like the way my VT3 lights up and is easy to see. I could see the D4i being a little small
It is...! But cute with the colored straps!
What is the price of the Aeris Elite with transmitter now?
Let me check, Can you hold on one minute?
Aeris Elite T3 Hoseless Dive Computer
I am showing
a used one for 575
Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter with PC Cable
Wow...Is that got any warranty of guarantees with it?
2 years with Leisure Pro
includes the pc cables there by chance two of them, or a similar price point?
Let me check
Quantity one on this one wife wants one as well, so maybe she gets the retail version!
Aeris Elite T3 Computer Complete with Transmitter
The retail version is 650
IF you bought the used and the new you could share the Pc cables
I know!!
save another $90 not having to spend on that
Good idea!
Is the complete set in stock?
It is showing in stock for me.
But if you end up getting an out of stock report. They will send you a ship date on it.
OK...heade there right now after a brief conversation with wife. Is the online course avialbale for purchase, or do you thinks it's necessary?
I don't think it's necessary
after you get them you can call and ask them to send you the info.
Good! Many thanks for your help, Hope, and you have just helped me make a "buying decision I've been fretting over for a month now!!
If you plan on purchasing these today, would you mind coming back in the chat and asking for Hope so that I can be credited for the sale?
Glad I can help
Absolutely..It will be in about an hour!!
I should be here until 2;30 today. See you in a bit.