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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi Aquaride Elite BCD with New Lock Aid System Small.

visitor asked I weight 160 and am 5'8" with a 32 inch waist, what size of the Cressi Aquaride Elite BCD will fit me?

Cressi Aquaride Elite BCD with New Lock Aid System Small

Cressi Aquaride Elite BCD with New Lock Aid System Small

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Leisure Pro Needler
Steve S.
Hi, how can I help you today?
Hi! How are you today?
Hi Steve, I'm considering the Cressi AquaRide Elite BCD because I've lost 75lbs and my current XL BC won't even tighten enought to be stable. I weight 160 and am 5'8" with a 32 inch waiste. The sizing listed has an errror on what may be my size. What do you suggest?
Well first, congratulations on the weight-loss!!
Looking at the size chart, it looks like you would now be in a size small on this BC.
ok but that indicates a 85/95 waste LOL
Yes that is intersting
For BCD's though, you usually worry more about the weight
Would that size be ok for 7mil wetsuit in San Diego winter diving.
Yes it should be.
The size small goes up to 172
Do you know about our PFF Guarantee?
Ok I also need to replace or take in my custom wetsuit. What do you suggest. It was made to accomondate my missing belly and is in very good condition but has room for a bowling ball and is loose everywhere.
I don't know much about custom suits.
You may be able to get that fixed.
We can try to find a stock size for you. Would you like to try that?
Dare I try an off the rack suit and for winter diving in San Diego what do you suggest?
How cold? Usually for San Diego, you would dive a 7mm. But in winter I'm not too sure.
I was quoted $150.00 to alter my existing suit so getting a rack suit could be not too much more.
Very true
7mm yes. With my current one before the weight loss it was 7/5 and I had to wear a hooded vest because it was one piece and I was often cold.
Do you need a Male or Female wetsuit?
It was actually custom for free diving but now I dive more. Male.
Ok great!
Would you prefer a Farmer John type?
what ever will keep me warm. Easy on off and stretching would be nice. Ankle zips are nice.
Farmer John would give you 14mm on your core.
These 2 pieces together would give you 14mm on your core
great. I'll pick one. I've had good luck with henderson.
Shucks. Now I see it's $169.00 + $159.00
Correct. But this will be thicker than any other wetsuit
what alternative is ok without the farmer john setup?
I can suggest an 8mm semi-dry, but it is about the same price.
thanks for the suggestions. I'll probably order the BC and see if my old Oceanic Flex dry suit is functional now that I fit it again. As usual you and Leisure Pro were a big help.
Your Welcome! Were you looking to purchase now? If so, I'd like to stay online with you and answer any questions you have during checkout.
not quite yet. I have one more check to see if my BCD can have the belt shortened since I love it otherwise.
Sounds good!
Are there any other questions I can answer for you?
nope were good. I just jotting down your suggested items and part numbers.
Sounds great! When you are finished please use the End Chat button and rate my service today. I hope I deserve 10 stars with you today!
I will and you did!
Thank you!
still there. Please explain PFF|
To help customers getting the right size we offer a Pressure Free Fit program where we pay all shipping costs for returns until customer gets the right fit, but has to meet following terms:
Exchange has to be requested within 30 days of invoice date.
This service is only available for addresses in the 48 contiguous States.
Free re-delivery is only to the original shipping address.
Return and re-delivery will be via UPS Ground.
Item must be returned in BRAND NEW condition.
Exchange must be requested "before" the product is sent back.
Exchange must be done on the same item (SKU), but with a different size.