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Leisure Pro expert product information on JBL Elite Woody 38-Special Gun 44" (112 cm) 6W38E.

Hi asked I was wondering if 44" would be a good length for blue water spearfishing?

JBL Elite Woody 38-Special Gun 44" (112 cm) 6W38E

JBL Elite Woody 38-Special Gun 44" (112 cm) 6W38E

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Leisure Pro Needler
Ben P.
Hi, I'm Ben. How can I help you today?
Looking for Kasia, I presume?
I accidentaly typed "hi kasia"
when making my screen name... hahah
what can I help you with tonight?
I was wondering if 44" would be a good lenght for blue water spearfishing're going to test my spearfishing skills today....
The woody is a really good gun. What are you going for?
I would be doing some reef diving, for lingcod
but I also wanted to try my luck at shooting albacore off the washington coast
how big are the albacore you're seeing?
Well, Ive been fishing for them, and I saw mostly 20-40 pound fish
nice...that's a good sized fish!
Ive never been spearing for them
ever, and its been ages since I went
well, I think you've found the one option that's my generic go-to. THe woody is great. Super strong, super accurate.
Whats the range like with 2 bands and 44"?
14ft is the rated range.
My current gun, a JBL carbine d-7 was rated to I think 9 feet, but it wouldnt have even reached that far
so is 14 realistic?
I think so. This gun is really made for maximum range and penetration.
Realistically, to go up from here you're almost going pneumatic.
Thats a area I never looked at, are pneumatics even an option for freediving?
To be honest, I have zero experience...but you're talking maximum power in a minimum size.
woah, 100cm pneumatic
I put a base pneumatic in the chat tray for you to look at. CAn you see that?
Ive only ever used banded guns, I guess I was really wondering if this gun was capable of taking a 25 pound fish/
It should be able to.
you might have a fight on your hands after you hit it :-)
hahah, my next purchase is definatley gonna be a bouy and float line haha
Thanks for your help! Ill leave a rating :-)
are you going to be purchasing today?
Oh no most likely not
no worries. I'm certainly here if you have more questions, but no pressure.
Actually one more, how often do you have sales on items like this?
WE're always having just rotates around.
you'll see better deals on items that are like last year's models, etc.....but there's always great prices regardless.
no this website has the greatest prices 2nd to used products
but, there used so that why ahaha
Alright, thanks so much!
well, true, we do have the used items
Ill have a peek at those, thanks again!
No problem! Happy diving.