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Leisure Pro expert product information on Sherwood Oasis Regulator,.

visitor asked I wanted an Aeris Octopus that is light and not too bulky, what are my options?

Sherwood Oasis Regulator,

Sherwood Oasis Regulator,

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Kasia W.
Welcome to Leisure Pro. How can I assist you today?
Hello, how are you?
pretty good! I love your name! looking an an octo, but not sure what to get... looking at the aeris at 400 ion swivel maybe and trying to put together a set... opinion on a good cheap octo??
Thank you! I actually own this reg
Let me show you what I use with it
Will you please give me a second?
Thank you
I went with A2
I wanted something light and not too bulky
by who?
let me look
Do you see it in the tray?
not on sale :-(
A1 would be great also
Aeris A1 Octopus Regulator, Yellow
A1 is on sale for $69.95
any other regs you would recomend? Warm water diving, don't really need second stage balanced...
What is your budget?
Sherwood Oasis Regulator,
How about Sherwood Oasis?
on sale $334.00
Which is made specifically for warm water divers
i"m a guy, cheap! Not really sure, I'm in Toronto and can get the new Sherwood Magnum for 399 including octo +200 for guages. I'm seeing if it' worth ordering from you and having shipped to a friend in the usa...
Oh, I see
Take a look at Oasis. The price is similar
If you only dive in warm waters this could be something to consider
And this could be your octo
by who?
Are you able to see them on your right hand?
I put everything in our tray
Oasis is by Sherowood
I see now, I was looking at my other monitor...
Sherwood Oasis Regulator,
you guys/girls are good!
thank you
1st stage is not balanced :-(
i lied
haha, ok let me look more
oh , the wife is home.gotta run. thanks for the help. I'll be back as Arnie said!
OK! Have a good one! Happy holidays! Thanks for chatting.