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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi Ellipse Balanced MC9-SC Regulator.

visitor asked I want to buy a regulator

Cressi Ellipse Balanced MC9-SC Regulator

Cressi Ellipse Balanced MC9-SC Regulator

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Leisure Pro Needler
Miyuki S.
Hi, I'm Miyuki and I'm here to answer your gear related questions.
How are you doing today?
May I have your name please?
hi there miyuki i want to buy a regulator
my name is carlos
I can help you with that carlos
what kind of diving do you do?
how deep do you dive?
20 m
what temperatures do you dive in?
do you have a budget in mind?
degres celsius
250 -300
ok great.
may i have a moment to pull some up for you?
Are you able to see the link?
This Aeris AT 400 Pro is on sale right now
it has an overbalanced and environmentally sealed 1st
and a balanced 2nd
it performs excellently in all temperatures and at depth as well
ok but balanced regulators tell u when air is going to end like unbalanced regs?
yes you will be able to tell
but it is best to keep an eye on your pressure gauge with any reg.
the balanced regs just breathe easier at depth
and overbalanced even easier
usually regs with features like the AT 400 pro cost a lot more
on sale this reg is an excellent value as well
nice mmm but idk that brand
aeris is a solid reliable brand
it is made by the same people as oceanic
do you have any brand preferences?
maybe u have same specs on cressi or aqualung
let me see what we have in stock.
may i have a moment please?
of course !
thanks! :-)
Cressi Ellipse Balanced MC9-SC Regulator
This Cressi has similar features
and is on sale for $369.95
hyperbalanced 1st
balanced 2nd
environmentally sealed
are you able to see the link?
yes im looking, are both piston ?
both are diaphragm
environmentally sealed diaphragm 1sts
and both have adjustable 2nds
mmm i have used titan from aqualung and im looking for piston valve because its easier maintennace
one moment please while i pull some up.
my pleasure
the only piston Cressi's Leisure Pro has are not balanced and Leisure Pro does not have any Aqualung regs.
are there other brands you like?
do both the 1st and 2nd need to be balanced?
a friend told me to check offers of regs + octopus+ pressu and level indicator
in this site
what package was talking about?
he told he will call me later he was in a hurry anyway i will check by myself
we have a couple reg + octo packages
but they are not balanced pistons i don't think
do u have the link?
one moment please
and the are aeris
Aeris AT 600 ION LT Regulator with MaxFlex Hose, Black
Aeris AT 600 ION LT Regulator with MaxFlex Hose, Black
Aeris AT 600 ION DVT Swivel Regulator with Environmental Seal and MaxFlex Hose, Black
Vacation Package
The package has a cressi reg
(the vacation package)
Tusa RS-510 Regulator
This TUSA reg is a balanced piston
the chat will time out if you do not type something soon
are you with me?
Cressi XS Octopus