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Leisure Pro expert product information on Suunto "Zoop" Air/Nitrox Wrist Computer Orange.

Richard asked I need to get a wrist dive computer. Do any of them come with compasses?

Suunto "Zoop" Air/Nitrox Wrist Computer  Orange

Suunto "Zoop" Air/Nitrox Wrist Computer Orange

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Leisure Pro Needler
Miyuki S.
Welcome to Leisure Pro, how can we help you?
Hope is with another customer. Is it okay if I help you instead?
Hey. I need to get a wrist dive computer. Don't any of them come with compasses?
How may I help you?
Yes some of them do.
Are you looking for a console or wrist?
okay. I can help you with that.
Do you have a price range in mind?
around $200. But $300 is OK
We don't have any wrist computers in that price range with an integrated compass.
Is the integrated compass something fairly new?
Somewhat and they are quite pricey.
How much typically?
They start at 549.95
for a wrist computer with compass.
OK. I guess I'll just get a suunto I like and upgrade to integrated compass when prices drop ...
Good plan
Recommend a good suunto model?
Sure! what kind of diving do you do?
how deep do you dive?
Reefs, warm, wetsuit, sport diving
okay great
and the $200-300 price range. is that correct?
great. may i have a moment to pull some up?
The Zoop is a great computer for recreational diving.
OK. Just one feature I'd like - back-lighting - for night dives
one moment please
Has it?
let me double check
It does not have backlighting but has a bright phosphorescent display that makes seeing your dive data easy during night and day dives.
OK> lemme check the specs on it. Thanks for your help. I hope you get a cut on my order, Hope!
sure. let me know if you have more questions
and please leave this window open
if you think you might purchase
OK. But I gotta go a few minutes and come back. Is that OK?
that's no problem at all
just ask for me
when you return :-)
How do I do that?
just start a chat
and ask for Miyuki
I'd really appreciate it!
I will be here most of the day
So you're Miyuki - not Hope?
Yes I am Miyuki
I took over for her
Love the name.
thanks so much :-)
it is pronounced me you key
I look forward to chatting with you again Richard!