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Leisure Pro expert product information on Magna-Clip with Coil Lanyard & Brass Clip.

Kevin asked I need help choosing a light

Magna-Clip with Coil Lanyard & Brass Clip

Magna-Clip with Coil Lanyard & Brass Clip

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Leisure Pro Needler
Charlotte C.
I need help choosing a light.
Hi Kevin, I can help you with that.
what is your question?
I see there are so many lights out there and I have no Idea what light I will need.
What will you be using it for? Will this be your primary or secondary light?
I have a small one but I guess I need a larger more reliable light for primary use
Do you have a preference if it is a hand held or a pisoll grip?
a pistol grip
do you have a price range?
150 to 200
do you have a color preference?
I pulled up a LED pack. I thought I saw you write that you wanted more reliable. This is a pack of two lights and an eco flare.
That is great. Just want I was looking for. Thank you for your help.
Would you like me to stay on while you finish your purchase to ensure everything goes smoothly?
Yes that would be great. Thanks
I have another question.
What do I do if I want to get a gift certificate? I never know what to get for the girlfriend and I think that might be the best way to get her more involved.
There is a link for the gift card wizzard.
The lights come with lanyards but we offer may different lanyards that make it easier with retractable and clips. ARe you interested in any of those?
No thank you.
I am finishing up my order.
thank you for staying on line with me.
My pleasure!
One more question. Do they have lanyards that unclip easy?
Yes, they make a breakaway lanyard what color are you looking for?
Not sure
Magna-Clip with Coil Lanyard & Brass Clip
here is a lanyard with a brass clip with a coil. I have a few different variation of this one.
That is great, that way if I drop it I won't lose it.
and I can leave it on my bcd until I need it then unclip it?
yes, they are great for holding all kinds of equipment.
Awesome, I am going to add this to my cart also.
Please take your time. I will be right here if you need anything else.
how does this ship?
Primarily we ship with UPS, we offer Ground, 3 Day, 2 Day & Next Day shipping.
We also ship US Mail & Fedex.

Overnight or 2nd Day orders for in-stock items placed on business days before 3:00 PM ET (Eastern Time) are generally shipped the same day (subject to verification).
what is the return poliicy?
We give 60 days for customers to return the merchandise for a full refund and another 60 days (120 days in total) to return for store credit, excluding any shipping charges, No RMA number is required, we provide customer a link to download a Return Merchandise Form which they fill out and include in the return along with a copy of the original invoice.
all done
thank you again.
You are welcome and have a great day!