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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi Panorama Mask with Dry Snorkel Set.

Chris asked I need a mask and wetsuit, what do you recommend?

Cressi Panorama Mask with Dry Snorkel Set

Cressi Panorama Mask with Dry Snorkel Set

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Leisure Pro Needler
Mark S.
Need some mask help
Hello Chris, how are you? i can help you with a mask!
Hi there. I'm actually from Carlsbad, so we're neighbors
wow, that awesome, I have another job in carlsbat
I'm looking to dive about 1/4 off the powerplant in cbad. I need a mask and wetsuit. I have my surf wetsuit, but it's only a 3/2
So do you know much about masks?
Ok, yea a 3/2 will probably leave you pretty cold over here, I would suggest a 7mm
nada about each
Ok, perfect
I want to go down about 30-50 feet to see all the kelp beds
*I forgot to tell you what I'll be judging you on - sales, recommendations, personality, and the use of the chat tools. Carry on.
ok, so we will start with the mask
I see you have the cressi panorama
have you set a budget for today?
about 100 for a mask, around 450 for a suit
ok, perfect
let me pull up a few masks and we can check them out.
do you have a preference on lense type?
unless you recommend a certain type for our water
Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask, Black Skirt Red Regular
This atomic is what i use
and i wish i had gotten it earlier.
GREAT mask, its a low profile.
Does it ever fog up?
I had a problem with the first couple of dives just because of the manufacturing coating but after that, i've never had a problem
OK, just added it to my cart. Let's talk suits.
Ok so being down here are you going to be lobster hunting?
Kinda just checking things out and maybe spearfishing
Ok, great I spearfish all the time down here
Give me a sec and let me find a few for you, any brands that you know of or want to lean more towards?
no, not super familiar with dive brands
ok, I've been diving a Pinacle for around 3 years down here
no problems to date?
I can't find them on the site
no, none at all, i love the suit
Ok, i'm looking for them now, i'll pull one up in a sec
sorry this is taking so long. one more sec
ok, for some reason i can't find it on my product list on here, but its the Pinnacle Merino-Elastiprene Tempo 7mm Jumpsuit Mens
It has a merino wool lining for warmpth
and the Elastiprene for stretch and maneuverability
is it on the site? can you send me a link?
Got it, thanks
7mm for $329 is pretty good
Yes the price is what got me too,
Its a great suit
What is the return policy if it's a little tight
I am pretty rough on my gear and it lasts
There is on worries on returns,
if it doesn't fit. we will pay for shipping to come back and we will send you another size till it fits you properly!
Awesome. Any speargun recommendations before I checkout?
Yes, the jbl sawed off magnum is great for around here.
let me pull one up for you
JBL Magnum 38 Special Double Sling Spear Gun (4D38)
here is one, its the 38 special, a little smaller that the magnum.
Sweet, that looks cool. Mark, we can end now, good job.
You passed!
but we were just getting into what i really know...
I liked your recommendations and how you asked for my budget right off the bat.
save that for the real customers
awesome, thanks
My only recommendations are to familiarize yourself with the products. I know the product catalog wasn't working properly for you. When it isn't, just flip them a link. Also, your response time will get quicker as you start chatting. Overall, great job and we're excited to have you on board.
Awesome, yea I didn't think just to link it, would have been easier
but thanks very much
I will work on it all
We are still fine tuning their catalog, but it should be all set for next week. But when all else fails, use a link
I will
Marianne will send you an email with instructions that will give you access to the schedule. Any questions before we conclude?
are you really from carlsbad?
born in oceanside, lived in cbad, but moved to utah a few years ago.
ok, cool yea i work at palomar airport
ah yeah, i used to work at the costco there off the highway
and that spot by the powerplant is where i spearfish
hmmm few years ago... you know mike ditmer or patrick valenzuela?
they worked at costco.
More like 10 years ago. Funny, we've probably passed eachother at some point. I used to surf terramar every day.
oh ok. yea thats awesome. terramar is my goto spot
Will this be your full time gig or do you have another job?
yea i have full time at the airport, but i start at 2pm so i have mornings open
sorry, forgot you already told me you worked there. Cool, i think you will like it. Get to talk about stuff you love, get paid, and get points toward LP products.
Good luck!
yea what more could ya ask for. Thanks for chatting!
Take care, bye